How To Get MORE Out of Your First Sex Toy

How To Get MORE Out of Your First Sex Toy

When you haven’t used sex toys before, it can be intimidating to choose the right one to start with. However, there are some popular toys that are great to start out with to explore what makes you feel the best, whether on your own or with a partner. Allow us to make some recommendations for […]

How to Use a Sex Toy to Start Winning in the Bedroom

How to Use a Sex Toy to Start Winning in the Bedroom

Have you ever considered bringing sex toys into the bedroom? For many, intercourse alone isn’t enough to guarantee to reach orgasm. Designed to bridge the pleasure gap, introducing toys while getting intimate with your partner can help both of you get exactly what you want out of sex. It is normal to feel nervous or […]

How To Surprise Your Partner With A Sex Toy

How To Surprise Your Partner With A Sex Toy

Are you looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom for you and your partner? Maybe you want to make it a surprise but aren’t sure about how they’ll react? There are several ways to surprise your partner with a sex toy that they won’t be able to resist! Bathe with a […]

How To Introduce Sex Toys to a Shy Partner

Using sex toys for couples can enhance a relationship in many different ways. If you have been in long-term relationships, the use of sex toys is a great way to spice up your normal routine.  Although sex toys have become a norm today, some people are still reluctant in using them — if your partner […]

How to Select the Perfect Feather Tickler

Feather ticklers are rather deceptive sex toys in a ‘more than meets the eye’ sense. They’re soft, gentle, not penetrative, and aren’t meant to stimulate a specific part of the body. That’s what makes them so effective and fun. They can be used just about anywhere. Feather ticklers are more about experiencing a particular sensation […]

How to Set Up Your First BDSM Scene

It’s time: you’ve established a mutual interest in BDSM with your partner, discussed your kinks and you’re finally ready to do your first scene together. Make sure you have all your female and male sex toys ready for each other. A scene of intentional roleplay and power exchange can be an intense and intimate erotic […]

How to Safely Use Electrostimulation Toys

Electrostimulation is completely safe when all precautions are taken. Since the very first aspect of “SSC” practices is to be safe, we have written this guide for anyone seeking to cause the optimal amount of pleasure and minimal amount of undue harm in a person while engaging in electrical play. For starters, most toys have […]

How to Set the Mood for Using Sex Toys

New to using adult toys? No matter your level of sexual experience, the thought of buying and using your first toy might still make you feel uncomfortable, awkward or intimidated. The good news is that all of those feelings are very common, completely normal and easy to overcome. Try a few of these tips to […]

How to Prepare for Anal Play?

Exploring New Unknowns Whether you’ve tried anal before or you’re new to the game, one rule has to be followed. You must always prepare before doing anal. Failing to do so can send your loved one to the ER. At Cupid’s Box, we offer high-quality anal sex toys that you and your partner can enjoy […]

How to Properly Wash Your Silicone Toys

Preparing for Your Next Playtime Although you may be relaxing in bed after a good time with your favorite adult sex toys, it’s important that you still find the energy to wash your toy. Not doing so can lead to infections. While some toys are porous and should be avoided due to how difficult it […]