Sensual Candles


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sensual candlesIf you are looking to add a twist to your sex life, then you’ll enjoy Cupid Box’s wide selection of sensual candles.

Set The Mood With Our Sensual Candle Selection

Massage candles heighten the senses in many ways. If you are eager to explore your sexual limits with your partner, try lighting up sensual candles during foreplay. Experience a positive mood change through aphrodisiac scents.

Our selection includes:

Massage candles: Unlike regular candles, massage candles melt into oil that penetrates the skin. These sensual candles are used for intimate sessions of muscle relaxation.

Bachelorette party candles: With our unique bachelorette party candles, add flair and fun to your bachelorette parties. penis-shaped candles in assorted colors, sex position candles, and party pecker candles make for fun decor and memorable photo opportunities with friends.

Fetish candles: Fetish candles are best for adding an extra layer of sensations to your sex life. They are fragrance-free and won’t burn your skin.

Order your sensual candles online today from Cupid’s Box. Explore and expand your sexual horizons using our sensual candles.

How to Use a Massage Candle During Foreplay

If you’re looking to introduce hot wax into the bedroom and include sensual candles in your sexual foreplay, then you’ll want to enjoy the sensations without burning yourself or your partner.  You should know that sensual candles are not your regular candles. They are specially made with ingredients that have low melting points so as not to burn your skin. They melt into oils that the skin can absorb.

First, light the candle and let it burn out evenly for about half an hour, so there is a melted wax pool on the container. Then, blow out the flame before using the wax. You can either brush this over your partner’s skin or let it drip. When the melted wax cools down, the candle should still have an even top, allowing for convenient use next time.

Sensual Candles and More From Cupid’s Box

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