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At Cupid’s Box we understand the process of buying sex toys online can be a nerve wracking experience for several reasons. You want privacy, security and of course quality. Our company focuses on these things with hopes of achieving customer confidence because we realize, we’re nothing without the trust of our customers. The trust to keep your business private, and make sure you’re completely satisfied through each step of your shopping experience and even after that. How do we accomplish that? For us it’s simple!

Why should I buy from Cupid’s Box?

Without a doubt there are may competitors in the adult products market but there is only one place that keeps our customers’ satisfaction our first priority! Below are a few of our guarantees which our existing customers rely on!

  • 3 Day Guaranteed Shipping: Select our 3 Day Guaranteed Shipping option and we’ll ship your package via USPS Priority mail. After processing your order, you’ll receive your package in 3 business days. If it takes longer than that, let us know and we’ll issue a $20 store credit!
  • Price Match Plus: Our way of guaranteeing you the best price available! If you find the product you’ve ordered somewhere else for cheaper, let us know and we’ll refund you the difference PLUS issue you a $5 store credit. You can’t go wrong, you can’t lose. 
  • 100% Discreet Shipping: Your privacy is important to us! Why would you want somebody knowing your business? Your local courier getting a glimpse into your private life. No Way! Cupid’s Box will ship your order discreetly in plain packaging without any logos or indication of where the package originated. The sender name will show as “Shipping Department”. 

Buy Adult Sex Supplies Online

Another one of the main reasons to buy your sex toys from Cupid’s Box is our extensive variety of Vibrators, Dildos, Anal Sex Toys, Cock Rings and every other adult product you can imagine! With a selection of over 17,000 products, we literally have something for every one of your sex toy adventures. That magical vibrator for you or your loved one is right here! The restraints you need for some seductive bondage play can be at your door in 3 days. Even bachelorette party decorations and gag gifts are a huge part of our catalog. 

Finally, since buying sex toys online can be hit or miss for many people. We make sure our customer service team is readily available to help with any issues you may have. Shipping problems, returns & exchanges or any other issues can be quickly resolved by our qualified specialists. We want our customers to be happy and completely satisfied with their sex toys so we’ll go above an beyond to achieve that. Happy shopping, we’re right here if you need us!

Spicing up your sex life is the perfect way to strengthen your relationship, and this is why so many couples are turning to sex toys as a way of making their bedroom fun more erotic. The online adult toys market is huge these days, and there are so many toys for sale that can help you to increase your pleasure during sex.

Online Adult Sex Shop

There are plenty of sex toys for women and sex toys for men on the market, and it’s about finding the best supplies and sex accessories money can buy. Of course, if you want to shop around online, you will find there are ample opportunities for solo play, especially with things like vibrators and dildos. But, that’s not all, as there are countless supplies and sex toys that couples can use to really heat things up right now. The adult toys market is massive these days, and you can find online shop after online shop selling all manner of supplies and sex toys.

If you’re looking for the best selection of pleasure toys for sale, then you should visit our site right now for one of the largest selections online. Whether you’re seeking lubricants, handcuffs, or bondage gear, we have some of the best adult toys anywhere online. No matter what your erotic pleasure may be, there are loads of great adult toys for sale that you can buy.

Getting a bit more erotic in the bedroom and focusing on maximizing pleasure is so important. Sex toys are the best way of exploring boundaries, and all couples should stock up on adult toys this year. Head to our site and check out the supplies we stock; you might be surprised by how many erotic sex toys you can get. If you are looking for a site or online shop where you can buy or find the largest selection of adult toys for sale, you’ve come to the right place.

Why You Should Buy Adult Toys

At Cupid’s Box, we offer the best adult sex toys a couple or singles can have. We understand that you want to have an experience unlike anything else. That’s exactly why we take the time to provide you with sex toys, so you know exactly what you’re purchasing. If you’re still on the fence as to if you should buy adult sex toys online at Cupid’s Box, here are a few reasons to do so.

Discrete Shipping & Shopping Experience

One of the best things about online sex shop and sex toys is that it allows you to buy discreetly. When you walk into a store, you must interact with people. It can be quite a nerve-wracking experience, especially for someone who is looking for sex toys for sale for the first time. An online sex shop makes the experience so much easier.

For one, you can see right from the start what it is you’re buying. Traditional sex stores use product pictures or hide their products away inside of boxes. You can’t always see exactly what it is you’re buying. At Cupid’s Box, we ensure you can see the actual sex toys for sale.

Secondly, it completely removes the need to expose yourself to others when you’re shopping. Those other customers in the store can see what section you’re in and guess what it is you’re after. At an online sex store, there’s no judgment. You’re able to peruse the many sex toys for sale without concern.

At Cupid’s Box, we also provide you with discrete online shopping. Other online stores might brand their boxes. Or worse, they might use images on their boxes, so everyone knows what it is you purchased. We don’t do that. We want you to have the best experience of shopping with us from start to finish. As such, our boxes are always discrete. The only one who knows what’s inside of your box is you.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Whether you’re single, married, or dating someone, your sex life can always be improved. We want to help you usher in new and exciting experiences. Our sex toys for sale can help you do that. We provide everything from penis extensions to vibrators to BDSM kits. If you have a fantasy, we want to help you obtain the best adult sex toys to make those fantasies a reality.

Sex toys are the instruments that you need to enhance your experience. For singles, they can help you get through a sexual rut. You may even find that you’re quite content with your own sex toys. For couples, they can help break down barriers between the two of you. Adult sex toys are the instruments to further connecting with your partner emotionally and sexually. By being vulnerable with one another and opening up to fantasies that you’ve never shared with anyone else, you can feel closer to your partner. Our online sex shop helps you make that fantasy a reality.

If you want the best shopping experience, look at our online sex shop today.