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ben wa balls

Affordable & Quality Ben Wa Balls

The muscle strengthening that Ben Wa balls do is perhaps more commonly known as Kegel exercises. Aside from your sex life, these muscles also help your body with many other different functions. So the stronger you can get them, the better.

– Preventing incontinence

– Vaginal prolapse

– Uterine prolapse

– Overall bladder health

What are Ben Wa Balls & How to Use Them

Ben Wa balls are so popular that their use can even be found in certain spiritual practices around the world. While we can’t guarantee that Ben Wa balls will turn you into a Sex Goddess, we can guarantee that Ben Wa balls are one the best and easiest ways to make your orgasms divine. Take a look at our online catalog so you can experience a taste of heaven for yourself.

Ben Wa balls come in handy on multiple occasions. By strengthening your pelvic floor your orgasms are both stronger and more frequent. They are good for the body and even better for increased pleasure. You can try Ben Wa balls for yourself and determine your favorite benefits.

Whether it’s health benefits you’re after or simply a more enjoyable sex life, combine it with lube for an easy in and out, and Ben Wa balls are one of the best ways to achieve it. Fortunately for you, we have both lube and Ben Wa balls available for sale in our online store.

If you’re trying to find the best adult toys the internet can offer we’re pleased to let you know that you’re in the right place. Aside from Ben Wa balls, you can find many more items in our online store such as:

– Vibrators

– Anal beads

– Cock rings

– Cleaning products for toys

And everything else your heart (and pleasure) could desire.

What are Ben Wa Balls & Why Should You Use Them?

She was clearly feeling aroused just walking through the room of the party. They made it to their seats. She was rubbing her legs and her feet. He noticed she was becoming hot and bothered. Christian Grey asked her if she was hungry, she looked at him through her silver mask, and knew what she meant by her sexy polysemous response of “Ravenous.” He then whispered in her ear, “Now you know what those silver balls do.” For those of you who have seen Fifty Shades of Grey know the scene I’m referring to and most likely interests were piqued to find out exactly just what those little silver balls were. So what do we do when we’re curious about something? Duh, we go to our trusted and most reliable resource, sometimes doctor, sometimes therapist, sometimes interior designer and everything else under the sun…that’s right, you named it….GOOGLE. The sexy stimulating silver balls are called Ben Wa Balls. And although they were created by man in 500 A.D. to increase pleasure during intercourse Geishas would also use them to lure and indulge men into bed. They have certainly come a long way since then. They have been one of the most underrated sex toys until Fifty Shades…hit theaters and grossed over $570 Million. Since then, Ben Wa Balls began flying off the shelves at sex shops everywhere. Ben Wa Balls actually serve three purposes.

Reason #1. The uniquely weighted balls are inserted into the vagina providing internal stimulation which feels good.

Reason #2. They strengthen the pelvic floor because you’re using your muscles to hold them in place, which will tone and tighten the vaginal muscle.

Reason #3. Your orgasms will be stronger, and you will be tighter for your man.

Are Ben Wa Balls Safe?

Questions of safety are always on the forefront of our minds when using any sex toy. Ben Wa Balls are safe to use when following the 5 easy steps listed below:

  • Use as directed: Be sure to use Ben Wa Balls vaginally and vaginally only. They are not intended to use anally. If they are used anally, there is a chance they will travel up the anal cavity that would make for a “shitty night in the sac” and horrifyingly embarrassing emergency room visit. Vaginas only please.
  • Prior to using your Ben Wa Balls make sure you wash your hands with antibacterial soap and warm water.
  • Clean you Ben Wa Balls with antibacterial soap and warm water, then dry off with a clean dry towel.
  • Wash your Ben Wa Balls after each use with antibacterial soap and warm water and place them in clean safe location to ensure protection against bacteria.
  • Choose non-porous materials such as glass, silver, jade, stainless steel when purchasing Ben Wa Balls. Porous materials are grainy and contain small pore-like openings which hold bacteria and are more difficult to clean.

Apprehensive About Using Ben Wa Balls

If you are apprehensive about using Ben Wa Balls for fear of them getting stuck up in the vagina first things first, don’t panic, unlike the anus, there is no place for them to go. Take a deep breath and relax. There are several things you can do to release your Ben Wa Balls:

  • Squat and bare down
  • Stand, walk around even try jumping
  • Insert more lube into the vagina
  • Stand and cough
  • Squat and cough

If you are still uncomfortable with the thought of putting 2 loose balls in your vagina, you can always purchase Ben Wa Balls attached by a string like Trinity Vibe Sterling Silver Ben Wa. Just like other muscles on our bodies, we fail to work out de-conditioning occurs. The vagina is no different. Over time it becomes weak and loose due to a myriad of issues such as pregnancy, childbirth, high intensity work outs, heavy lifting, straining and age. That is why the Ben Wa balls are great for strengthening these muscles and heightening your climax in the bedroom. They say, when working out, no pain, no gain, Psh, not with this work out. This is one that will keep you coming back for more.