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Information About Anal Toys

Types Of Anal Toys

The 2 most common types of anal toys are anal beads and butt plugs. Both equally popular, these sex toys are both known to enhance pleasure during or before sex. Vibrating anal beads and vibrating anal plugs are more advanced versions of these toys.

Anal Toys Can Help You Orgasm

Yes anal toys can heighten an orgasm for men and women. Men have a prostate area which is a walnut shaped gland that sits between the penis and the bladder. This “P-Spot”allows men ejaculate harder longer sometimes multiple times. For women, believe it or not, parts of clitoris extends far beyond the vaginal walls extending back into the anus which is an erogenous zone.   The G-Spot and P-Spot coupled with intensely sensitive nerve endings at the opening of the  anus provides extreme pleasure while using anal toys and welcomes an orgasms It’s important To note, the the anus does not self lubricate like the vagina so be sure to use lots lots of lube and even have it on hand during anal sex.  

How Do You Clean Anal Toys?

More than cleaning your typical sex toy, it is important to give you anal toys some extra TLC when cleaning them. Be sure to use an antibacterial agent and do not leave it lying around. There are a few different ways you can clean your anal toys depending on their material. It’s always best to use a safe cleaning solution specifically designed for sex toys like Green Tea Tree Toy Cleaner. If you don’t have sex toy cleaner on hand however, you can always use mild soap and warm water. If you’re cleaning silicone or glass anal toys, putting them in the dishwasher or boiling water is always an option too, as long they are not battery or electrically operated. Avoid submerging any sex toys in water that have any type of electrical component.

Do Anal Toys Hurt?

First things first, you must feel comfortable with your partner and have an open dialogue about anal toys and what to expect. Second, be sure to relax.  When your body relaxes, your sphincter muscle relaxes and allows your anus to loosen, making it easier for your anal toy to arrive at its destination. Anal play is supposed to be a pleasurable experience.  The stimulation will awaken thousands of sensitive nerve endings surrounding the anus and heighten your arousal and pleasure.  Some people prefer clitoral and vaginal stimulation when using anal toys as well.  Be sure however to use lots of lube since the anus is not self lubricating like the vagina.  We recommend Sliquid Sassy Anal Lubricant .

Who Uses Anal Toys?

The beauty of anal toys is they come in all different shapes and sizes and are suited for different types of people alike, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight or a man or a woman; anal toys like Nu Sensuelle Remote Control Mini Butt Plug can be used by anyone who has a desire to open up and enter though the back door.  Some people use anal toys for their very own private masturbation session, some choose to wear them during foreplay, and sometimes both partners wear one while having vaginal sex to increase pleasure during intercourse. A popular misconception is anal toys are only used on those for preparing for anal sex or women when having vaginal sex which is not true.  There are many straight men who find anal toys pleasing.  Regardless of how you decide to use you anal toys just be sure to relax and enjoy the ride.  

Newest Anal Sex Toys

anal sex toys

The Best Anal Toys Online

If you’re looking for exciting, pleasurable anal sex toys, then you’ve come to the right place. Our range of anal dildos and lubricants are an ideal way to experiment with your partner or go solo. With our selection of anal sex toys, your butt will never be bored.

Whether you’re a beginner to anal or a experienced user, it’s important that you can buy the right kind of anal sex toys. For beginners, especially, you may feel at a loss as to where to begin. No matter what your comfort level is with anal toys, we’re here to help. At Cupid’s Box, we provide high-quality toys that you’re sure to love. Here’s everything you need to know about our toys for anal play.

We Have Great Anal Toys for Beginners & Experienced Users

For those just trying out anal for the first time, there’s no better way to start than with anal plugs. Anal plugs can introduce the feeling of having something in your anus in a non-invasive way. We offer several different kinds of anal plugs for each level of experience. 

We also have the best toys for those who have tried anal before and loved it. Besides butt plugs, you may want to take your pleasure up a few notches with our vibrating butt plug. A vibrating butt plug acts similarly to normal butt plugs except you also receive the insane sensation of vibration.

Another must-have to your toy chest is anal beads. Great for beginners as well, anal beads can help you become more and more comfortable with anal.

Check Out Our Butt Plugs and Anal Beads

Whether you’re interested in our vibrating butt plug or want to start simpler, we have the toy for you. Try them today.

Experience Better Anal Pleasure

Did you know that your asshole is one of the primary erogenous zones in your body? Ass play with anal sex toys can be stimulating and exciting and pleasurable for both you and your partner. We offer some of the best anal dildos on the market, each of which is designed to maximize your enjoyment, stimulating the senses and helping you explore new forms of sexual satisfaction you didn’t know existed before.

Butt Sex Toys – Shop Discreetly

Anal sex toys and anal dildos are a great way to surprise your partner with something new and fun in the bedroom. With our selection of the best anal dildos on the market, you can take your sex play to the next level. Anal plugs, prostate massagers, and harness strap ons enable you and your partner to experiment and get to know each other’s preferences more intimately. So what are you waiting for? Buy your anal sex toys from us today.

Shop for a Variety of Anal Sex Toys

There are a variety of ways to pleasure your butt and asshole. That’s why we offer a broad selection of anal dildos you can buy. Our range of anal sex toys includes anal beads, anal plugs, anal dildos and anal stimulators. We’ve scoured the globe for the best manufacturers of anal sex toys who can provide dildos and strap-ons that meet your pleasure goals. Once you’ve tried ass play, then there’s no going back. Why not buy a butt plug for your partner or an asshole penetrator for the two of you to enjoy?

anal sex toys onlineBody-Safe Construction

At Cupid’s Box, we take sexual safety seriously. All of our anal sex toys are made of body-safe materials, like silicone, which will protect your butt and ass while giving you the best experience possible. We also supply a range of anal lubricants for our anal sex toys to make the experience more seamless and exciting.

Anal sex toys are becoming more popular in the bedroom as people discover the possibilities. Many of our anal sex toys stimulate not only the butt, but also the clitoris too, enhancing the overall sensation for women. For men, our range of prostate massagers brings a new intensity that you may not have experienced before.

Is it time that you started experimenting with anal sex toys? Do you want to unlock the pleasure of your butt? We offer some of the best anal sex toys on the market that you can buy today. So what are you waiting for? Enhance your bedroom antics, surprise your partner, and begin your journey to a new plane of satisfaction with our anal sex toys.

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Anal Toys for Sale Online

When you’re looking for anal sex toys online, there are a few key features that you need to keep in mind. The first is the shape of anal toys. For beginners, you don’t want anything too large or big. It can cause a lot of harm. The key is to work gradually. Luckily, at Cupid Box, you can find a lot of ass toys to buy that are small or thin. These can be easily inserted into the ass and used to gently open the area up for further play.

The second aspect to keep in mind is the durability of the toy. When buying anal plugs online or any other anal toys, durability is essential. If the site doesn’t offer high-quality anal plugs or anal toys, then they’re not worth purchasing. The last thing you want to experience is buying anal plugs online, using them, and then finding that the plug has broken inside of your body. Unlike other areas of the body, the anus doesn’t forgive as easily when something is inserted inside of it. You may need to visit the ER in order to have it removed. At Cupid’s Box, the ass toys offered are high-quality and durable. Provided you play with them with care, you should have an enjoyable experience rather than a traumatic one.

What Kind of Ass Toys Should Beginners Start With?

Specifically, ass toys that are great for beginners essentially serve to introduce them to the world of anal play. In that case, you should purchase anal plugs online. Plugs are a great choice for beginners because they don’t usually penetrate too deeply. Nor are they exceptionally girthy. Plugs rest just deep in enough inside of the ass to remain. They’re also easy to remove. You can hold the plug inside of your ass for as long as you want in order to make yourself comfortable with the idea of having something inside of your ass.

Once you’ve moved past purchasing anal plugs online, you’re ready for the next step. A dildo is a great second step for beginners looking to experiment with anal. However, these dildos should be small in length and width. If you want, you can experiment with shape. Some find it very pleasing to have slightly ribbed or bulbous dildos because it offers a unique texture that is delightful.

Before you transition into using larger ass toys, however, you might want to consider anal beads. These are basically a step above trying out anal plugs online and smaller dildos. The beads steadily grow larger in shape the more that are inserted. This helps train your ass to take toys deeper and larger. Progress has already been made with the plug and small dildo, but it’s the beads that can start to help expand and stretch your ass deeper in a gentle and gradual way. They’re also incredibly pleasurable.

Finally, once your ass has been stretched and prepared, you can start to bring in larger dildos and other fun toys that are larger and thicker. The possibilities are endless when it comes to toys.

If you’re curious about anal plugs online, check us out today.