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Masturbators Strokers
When you want something that can not only provide maximum pleasure but also be easy to use and store away, you may want to consider masturbators in the form of strokers. These are sleeves that can fit snugly around your penis and give it an unforgettable squeeze. Strokers can either be manually powered or come with their own vibrating system that’s battery powered. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Yet the strokers are a classic choice when it comes to masturbating for men. They’re a beloved choice for a reason–they get the job done. There are various models of strokers to select from at Cupid’s Box. You have the simplistic strokers that offer exactly what you need without any other gimmicks.

For others who want to experiment with their pleasure and sensation, you can also find strokers that come with carved out tunnels in different shapes. The shapes create different textures that can feel incredible against your penis and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Some examples are tunnels that are carved in a spiraling shape or wave-like shape. The textures are designed to offer a new and addicting sensation that you won’t be able to get enough of anytime soon.

Besides strokers with different tunnels, you can also find masturbators that are realistic. These are the strokers that look like a vagina and feel like a vagina. They’re tight and often come textured exactly how a vagina should feel–both inside and out. Many even include the labia for you to push through and feel wrapped tightly around your penis just like the real thing.

A realistic vagina isn’t the only stroker you can enjoy either. Cupid’s Box also contains realistic anuses and mouths. If you happen to be a big fan of anal, then you’ll enjoy the extremely tight and realistic anal stroker. For those who love deepthroating or being given blowjobs, then the mouth and throat strokers are sure to give you a tickle exactly where you need it.

Strokers are easy to clean by simply washing them out with toy cleaner. Check to see if it’s dishwasher safe.