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Anal Beads


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How To Use Anal Beads The Right Way

Are you curious about how to use anal beads? From choosing your beads to playing with them for maximum pleasure, our how-to guide covers everything you need to know.

  • Choose the right beads. Beads that are smaller towards the insertion end ease you into the sensation of using anal beads. By contrast, beads that are larger at the tip potentially create even more pleasure upon removal. Use only all-silicone or all-plastic beads (never use beads attached with a nylon string) and ensure that the beads have a ring on the end for safety.
  • Get turned on before using your beads. Being relaxed makes anal insertion easier! Lube up your anal beads, then slowly insert them. The stimulation of your anus and the slow buildup of pressure will feel amazing. (Make sure you stop if you feel pain or feel overwhelming discomfort.)
  • Play with the beads slowly. Anal beads are meant to be slowly inserted, slowly pulled out and gently pushed back and forth during solo sex or sex with a partner. Your or your partner can slowly push the beads in and out, one at a time, to create powerful ripples of sensation.
  • Learn how to have an amazing climax. For exquisite pleasure, wait until you’ve almost reached climax. When you feel that surge of pleasure cresting, slowly pull the anal beads out for an incredibly powerful and pleasurable release.
  • Clean. The last part of knowing how to use anal beads is to always clean them after you use them. Boil them in water for a few minutes or thoroughly clean them with antibacterial soap and hot water. Once they’re cool and dry, store them for the next time. We bet you won’t be able to wait long!

It’s important to know how to use anal beads before trying them out for yourself for a number of reasons. You want to make sure you’re using them exactly how they should be used. If you don’t know how to use anal beads, it’s important to take the time to learn about it so you can use them for maximum pleasure.

You should also know how to use anal beads because there are all different kinds, shapes and sizes, so knowing how to use anal beads can help you pick the right anal beads that work for what you like. Using anal beads should never feel uncomfortable when you use them, so if you feel discomfort, you may not be using them correctly.

Anal beads are a great sex toy that allow you to feel pleasure like never before! That’s why it’s so important to know how to use anal beads before incorporating them into the bedroom. Anal beads can provide a sensation for you or your partner like never before. If you’re interested in purchasing anal beads, check out our selection!

Whether you’re masturbating or getting down and dirty with a partner, using your anal beads can greatly increase your pleasure. Get started with the wide selection of sex toys online and anal beads on our website!

Information About Anal Beads

What are anal beads?

Anal beads are a unique anal toy consisting of multiple balls attached either by a string or plastic rope usually with a ring shaped handle on the end for easy removal. The anal beads themselves can be made of various materials such as plastic, glass, rubber or metal. The common method of using anal beads is inserting them into the anus 1 by 1 and then removing them by pulling the ring. This stimulates the nerve endings in and around the anus and can be extremely pleasurable!

How to clean anal beads:

As with any anal toy, anal beads should be washed thoroughly before and after use with soap and warm water. To keep things even more sanitary, avoid anal beads with strings that aren’t made of plastic or silicone. A regular string is porous and will absorb bacteria which can not be properly cleaned.

Who uses anal beads?

Anal beads can be used by either sex. Whether you’re a man or woman, straight or gay, beads can be your ticket to enhancing your orgasms by stimulating those feel good sphincter nerve endings. Anal beads can also be incorporated into BDSM practices, regular foreplay or warming up for anal sex!

How anal beads enhance orgasms:

Many people use anal beads to give their orgasms a super powered boost! Inserting the anal beads while growing closer to orgasm and them removing them as they climax. Depending on preference, the anal beads can be pulled out fast or slowly during orgasm. As if the stimulation of the beads inside the rectum wasn’t enough, we also carry a variety of vibrating anal beads.

Anal Beads At Cupid’s Box Sex Shop

Anal beads are a very simple product, but can bring immense pleasure and variety to your sex life. Amp up your sexual pleasure with our anal beads! They’re a great and simple addition to the bedroom that can take your sex life and orgasms to the next level. If you’re looking for the best anal beads you can find online, look no further. Cupid’s Box has everything you could ever want at affordable prices. Buy our anal beads today and spice up your sex life!