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If you or your partner are into bondage, domination, or subservience, your BDSM kit will be incomplete without a sex whip. To find one that suits you or your partner’s desires, look no further than Cupid’s Box.

We sell only the highest quality products guaranteed to up your fun with your partner. From sex whips to sex paddles, Cupid’s Box is your online one-stop shop for BDSM and sex accessories that bring added zest behind closed doors.

We sell the following whips:

  • Tickler Whips
  • Crops
  • Floggers
  • Whip Kits
  • & More

Shop Our Variety of Whips and Floggers

A sex whip can come in many forms. There are ordinary whips, floggers, and bullwhips for the pros. Whichever one tickles your fancy, Cupid’s Box offers it all alongside kits and other products like crops to enhance the experience.

Our whips and floggers are made with high-quality material. Our whips and floggers not only last long but will provide you and your partner with an experience to remember.

Floggers are some of the most widely recognized sex whips in the market. They are similar to single-tipped sex whips, except for one feature — the tendrils. The tendrils are similar to tassels, ensuring contact with multiple points in one stroke.

The tendrils on floggers vary in length and material. Our sex whips and floggers are made from various materials, including suede and leather. Some of our floggers also have beaded tendrils to take things up a notch.

Increase Sensations With Our Floggers & Whips

Many of our whips and floggers are excellent for those who are just getting into the BDSM lifestyle. For the more seasoned, though, there are options beyond whips and floggers.

Whips are high on the scale when it comes to BDSM objects. Whatever you choose, Cupid’s Box has a whip for every taste, scenario, inclination, and experience level.

The Best and Most Affordable Whips and Floggers Online

At Cupid’s Box, not only will you come across a wide array of BDSM accessories — but you will also see some of the most affordable BDSM and sex paraphernalia on the online market today.

The prices of our whips and floggers are matched by the quality and durability of each. Also, for your privacy, we discretely package your sex toy whips and items before we mail them to you. Our free and fast shipping services guarantee your customer satisfaction — in more ways than one.

You can explore the playfulness of our sex whips and find the perfect one to try with your partner.

Not sure what kind of whips for sex you need? Whether you dish out or take punishment, look no further than Cupid’s Box for all your whip and flogger needs.