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Best Kinky Whips Online

If your lover just won't stop misbehaving, likely on purpose, then it's time to break out the whip. When you pull that whip out, your partner should drool with anticipation for the bite of pain and pleasure that is about to come. If they don't, then it might be time to find a new whip. There are a few different kinds of whips to consider bringing into your bedroom. Here are a few that we offer.

Perhaps one of the most popular is the flogger. This is a whip that can be made of various materials. Some are made from suede while others are made from leather. It offers various tendrils that can all be used to give your lover a quick spanking that will have them seeing stars. Some of the whips include small beads at the end of the tendrils. These can offer a bit more pain because the beads are hard materials that can dig into the skin.

Kinky Couples Whips

Another type of whip is a coil stud flogger. This one is made of coiled metal. It can offer a hard spanking that can cause a lot of pain and pleasure. Most popularly, it's used to tickle partners rather than spank them with it.

Popularized by movies, the final whip that you might want to consider bringing into the bedroom is the bullwhip. This is a massive leather whip that can make your partner whimper at the mere sight of. It's heavy and can offer quite a sound when cracked against the floor. It is a heavy-duty whip that should be left to the professionals and the experienced. Your partner will likely love it.