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Best Blind Folds For Sale

For any couple looking to spice things up in the bedroom, one of the additions that you should include is a blindfold. This simple piece of apparel can completely change how you play with your partner. Blindfolds are designed to heighten the senses by removing one of them. Without your sight, your body becomes more aware of its surroundings. You might hear your lover moving around or the clinking of handcuffs or the whisper of a whip. You also become more sensitive to touch because you have no idea that it’s coming. Without being able to prepare for the touch, your body is suddenly shocked at the sensation.

Clearly, blindfolds can be very enjoyable. There are quite a few different styles that you can choose from, too. Most of them differ in terms of material. You have standard cloth or silk blindfolds. These look sexy and are extremely comfortable to wear. However, because they aren’t always the heaviest of material, they might not always cling to your face as well as others. That makes a cloth and silk blindfold a great choice for those who are just beginning with blindfolds and may be a little anxious about not seeing.

For those who are a bit more experienced with blindfolds, you might want to opt for a material that rests heavily against the eyes. These are the blindfolds that are made of leather. They fit snugly against your face and look pretty sexy, too. There are various styles as well. You might like the full blindfold that covers both eyes completely. Or you might like a minimalist version that only covers the eyes. Experiment with them.