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Explore In The Bedroom With Nipple Clamps

Nipples are one of the most sensitive places on the body. For some women, their nipples can be even more sensitive than their clitoris. If your lover has sensitive nipples, then you might want to introduce nipple clamps. These clamps rest directly against the nipple. Depending on what kind of clamp they are, they can either rest lightly or pinch the nipples. Some even do a few other pleasurable things to them. Here are a few different nipple clamps that you might want to consider.

There are many kinds of nipples clamps you can purchase online. Some we carry include:

- Standard nipple clamps

- Weighted nipple clamps

- Vibrating nipple clamps

- Magnetic nipple clamps

The standard nipple clamps are either weighted or unweighted. They clamp easily onto the nipple and can be tightened if necessary. When weighted, the clamps tend to offer more pressure on the nipples and drag them down towards the weight.

When shopping for nipple clamps online, you have to be careful about who you buy them from. Because nipple clamps are attached to very sensitive parts of your body, you need to ensure that they come from a reliable company. We provide high-quality nipple clamps online at great prices. Here's what you need to know about our clamps.

Our Clamps are Built for Comfort and Functionality

While clamps are supposed to provide a bit of pain, they shouldn’t be too uncomfortable. Our clamps are built for comfort. You can wear them for some time before you need to remove them. They're also functional in that they provide steady pressure to your nipples. You won’t find poor functionality with our clamps.

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To start your adventure with nipple play, try our clamps.

Affordable & High Quality Nipple Clamp Sex Toys

Another nipple clamp set that you might want to consider for the truly kinky is a set that also comes with a clit clamp. Why not have all key sensitive areas toyed with at the same time? Nipple clamps and clit clamps can provide your lover with enough pleasure that they can't help but writhe against the simple sensation.

best nipple clamp sex toys

For those who want to introduce other sensations, then you might want to look into nipple clamps that either vibrate or offer an electric shock. These clamps rest comfortably on the nipples, sometimes even encasing them, and then warm or vibrate against them. Your partner is sure to gasp and demand more once they start to feel it. As for electric shock clamps, these are remotely controlled. Whenever you want to give your lover a thrill, you can offer a quick shock.

Buy Nipple Clamps At Cupid’s Box Online Today

An often-overlooked sensitive area on the body is the nipple. For women and men, the area is laced with sensitive nerves that can drive a person wild when stimulated. For those who love a touch of pain with their pleasure, they cannot get enough of nipple clamps. If you want to add some spice to your bedroom fun, then you might want to consider looking through our nipple clamps online.

We offer a wide variety of clamps including:

- Soft-tipped clamps

- Nipple & clitoris clamps

- Electric clamps

We have tons of different clamps available online. You might enjoy clamps that are also attached to feathers or chains. The feathers can feel pleasant against the skin. They might even tickle your lover into a frenzy. While the chains can remind your lover just who's in charge of the bedroom.

The clamps themselves can differ, too. Our online store offers numerous different tips. We have soft-tipped nipple clamps that only squeeze their nipple just enough to hold on. For those who have extremely sensitive nipples, the softer tips might be all they need to start squirming. Others who are less sensitive or want an intense experience can benefit from those that have a tweezer-like tip. These grip on hard. Sometimes they can even embed into the skin.

Another fun feature that some of the clamps offer is the ability to lock them into place. Couples who are experimenting with BDSM or are professionals can get a great kick out of clamping their lover and then locking them in place. You hold absolute control over when those clamps come off.

In keeping with BDSM, you can also find clamps that are connected to other toys. One such example is a nipple clamp that's attached to a ball gag. Either men or women can have themselves gagged while enjoying the stimulation that the clamp offers. If they happen to move their mouth in a certain way, they might even end up tugging on the clamp and driving themselves crazy.

Another instance are nipple clamps that are attached to a clitoral clamp. Just like nipples, the clitoris is also an extremely sensitive place on a woman. When clamped, they can go wild with both need and arousal. You can offer them the best of both worlds with a nipple-and-clit clamp combo. Add a weight to the clamps to further increase their sensation.

Finally, there are advanced clamps that offer additional sensory enjoyment. Some are vibrational. They attach to the nipple, and then you can control the vibrational frequency that they receive. For men and women who love vibrators or vibrations, this is a clamp that they're sure to become addicted to.

No sensory play is complete without also offering electric stimulation. Just like the vibrating clamps, these can be attached to the nipples. With a click of a button, you can give your lover a satisfying and intense electrical stimulation that will have them crying out for you.

Nipple clamps can be a great addition to the bedroom. They're easy to use, easy to clean, and can be a lot of fun. Add some body lubricant to the areas that are going to be clamped for additional stimulation.

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If you’re looking for the best nipple clamps online, our wide selection will be sure to suit your needs. Whether you’re a first timer looking to experiment with nipple clamps or you want to add more to your collection, we have products you’ll be sure to love.

We also understand that going to a store and looking for nipple clamps can feel uncomfortable, especially if it is your first time, so we’ve provided a discreet online shopping experience for all of our customers. You can browse through our selection of nipple clamps at your leisure and buy the one that suits your style and what you’re looking for. Let your BDSM fantasies come to life with our nipple clamps and other accessories.