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Common Questions About Dildos

What’s A Dildo?

Simply put, a dildo is basically a fake penis, although they aren’t always model to replicate the penis. Some dildos are made in different shapes with curves and ridges to increase pleasure. Used as a sex toy for oral, vaginal or anal penetration, the majority of dildos range in size from 4-8 inches but can be found in any length and girth. Dildos are most commonly made from:

  • Rubber
  • PVC
  • Silicone
  • Glass
  • Cyberskin

The safest and most sanitary dildos are typically made from glass and silicone.

How Popular Are Dildos?

Extremely popular! In fact, dildos and vibrators are the most popular sex toys in this multi billion dollar industry. Vibrating dildos are also super popular because they can please in more ways than one.

What Types Of Dildos Are There?

Dildos come in all shapes, colors, textures and sizes. Some vibrate, gyrate, some are soft and some hard. Cupid’s Box carries dildos with suction cups and some that even squirt just like the real thing!

If you’re looking to celebrate gay pride month with a fun rainbow colored dildo

Are Dildos Safe?

Just like any sex toy, dildos are safe if used properly. Make sure to wash your dildo before and after each use to minimize the chance of a bacterial infection.

What Kind Of Dildo Should I Buy?

It all depends on your preference. If you’re a lesbian in the market for a dildo to use with your lady partner, a double sided dildo. If you’re a single woman or someone just looking for an affordable and easy to use sex toy, we have a wide range of dildos that would work for you!


Dildos come in a wide variety of sizes but are often created to mimic the appearance and features of a penis. Some dildos look like realistic penises, while others have other features like vibration, clitoral stimulation, and remote controls.

Using different types of dildos — whether it’s a glass dildo, vibrating dildo, or waterproof vibrating dildo — actually provides many benefits. 

Dildos also have a positive effect on your mental health. With these sex toys, you can enjoy going solo or sharing with a partner.

Choose From Our Dildo Product Collection

Different people have different preferences when it comes to the type of dildo they want to use. While some are looking for black dildos for sale, others want to add a suction cup dildo or vibrating dildo to their collection. Some might even want to experiment and use squirting dildos or big dildos. We even offer glass dildos.       

No matter what type of dildo you’re looking for, we’re confident that you can always find something you love from our collection. Browse through our dildo product collection today, so you can finally own the best dildo for your own or your partner’s pleasure.

Realistic Dildos for an Enhanced Experience

Here at Cupid’s Box, we sell realistic dildos that give pleasure. This pleasure mimics and/or enhances your experience. When you choose one of our realistic dildos for sale, you can have fun on your own as well.

Our realistic dildos can also improve your pleasure with your partner. By using realistic dildos, you can finally provide new stimulation to your partner. Using realistic dildos is also a great way to explore different areas and find what turns your partner on.

Easy to Clean Dildos

Hygiene is crucial when you have dildos or any kind of sex toy. All of our dildos for sale — big dildos, black dildos, glass dildos, and squirting dildos — are easy to clean. Even if this is your first time owning a dildo, you won’t have any problems keeping them hygienic and safe for use.

You can find the right kind of sex toy cleaner to clean any of our dildos. Make sure your dildo is fully dry before storing it.

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Enjoy more pleasure by using any of our big dildos, black dildos, squirting dildos, suction cup dildos, or waterproof vibrating dildos today. We guarantee you — these toys will make your experience more fun, whether you’re into solo play or shopping for a partner.

If you want to take it up a notch, expand your collection by adding more sex toys. Here at Cupid’s Box, we have the best vibrators and vibrating strap-ons for sale. These sex toys can be your key in reaching or giving more orgasms to your partner.

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If you have questions about our dildos or any dildo product for sale, feel free to contact us at info@cupidsbox.com. Our team is on standby to assist you with any queries about our dildo products and ensure that you have the best experience using our products. Don’t forget about our entire sex toy store catalog if you are looking for more than just dildos!