How to Select the Perfect Feather Tickler

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Feather ticklers are rather deceptive sex toys in a ‘more than meets the eye’ sense. They’re soft, gentle, not penetrative, and aren’t meant to stimulate a specific part of the body. That’s what makes them so effective and fun. They can be used just about anywhere. Feather ticklers are more about experiencing a particular sensation than physical stimulation. Different kinds of pressure and strokes will create a different sensation, and some parts of the body are more sensitive than others. There’s more to creating different sensations than how you use it, of course. It’s the type of feather tickler that you use.

Ticklers made of one feather are ideal for slower strokes and lighter contact but don’t work as well for high-pressure touches. Otherwise, you may end up pressing the rod into your partner, something which wasn’t designed for sensual stimulation.  Feather ticklers with multiple feathers attached can be used to reach a wider area, which may not be as effective for long, slow strokes. 

Those resembling a duster also touch a larger area at once. But the dusters have shorter rods, which can give you much control over the pressure applied. Not to mention they pair up with a good ‘ole fashioned maid costume for a little roleplay.

Feather crops are exactly what the name implies. A two-for-one special if you will.  Not only can you create different sensations with the feathered end, the crop end can be used for that classic kinky experience. There are even more sensory possibilities with this one.

Aside from the product itself, there are some other factors you want to consider when choosing a feather tickler. For example, some medical conditions can affect how the body responds to physical sensations. What you may consider to be enjoyable sensations or textures can be physically uncomfortable or emotionally distressing to someone else. As always, talk to your partner or partners before trying out something new, but this, in particular, is important to discuss when it comes to experimenting with a sensory experience.

Another important thing to take into consideration is if you or your partner(s) have a strong stance on animal rights. Vegans are opposed to using anything made of animal products, and sex toys are no exception to that. Vegan sex toys are available, with feather ticklers being no exception to that. If you or your partner(s) have a certain position on animal rights, make sure that your sex toys don’t go against anyone’s views.

Lastly, not everyone is comfortable letting others know that they use sex toys or the kinds they use. Rather than buy them in a store, look into how to buy sex toys discreetly for the sake of everyone’s comfort.