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How To Introduce Sex Toys to a Shy Partner

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Using sex toys for couples can enhance a relationship in many different ways. If you have been in long-term relationships, the use of sex toys is a great way to spice up your normal routine. 

Although sex toys have become a norm today, some people are still reluctant in using them — if your partner feels this way, this article can help. If you’re planning to buy from an adult sex store online but still don’t know how to introduce sex toys to your shy partner, these tips can come in handy.

Start With Conversations

One of the first things to do when introducing sex toys to a shy partner is to break the ice. This means that you should let your partner know that you’re curious about sex toys and very interested in trying some out together.

Ideally, you should frame your conversations to focus on your desires rather than telling your partner how dull your sex life is. Instead of telling your partner, “We always do the same thing. We should try something new,” rephrase your sentences into “I’d love to try (name of the toy) with you.” Your partner will be more receptive if you frame your desires as requests rather than complaints.

Discuss a Comfort Level

Just because your partner agrees to use sex toys doesn’t mean that you should buy one right away. Keep in mind that sex toys come in wide varieties, and purchasing one that is “too intense” for your partner might lose interest.

After telling your partner that you desire to use sex toys, discuss a comfort level. Ask them if they’re okay using a vibrator, dildo, ropes, paddles, or all of the above. Ensuring that your partner is comfortable with the sex toys you’re using is a great step forward.

Let Them Choose a Toy

Since sex toys come in different forms, shapes, and features, it’s best if you let them choose a toy. For example, if your partner is willing to use a dildo, shop your favorite adult sex store online, so they can pick the size and features.

By letting them choose a toy, your partner will know what to expect once you invite them to use the toy. When your partner knows what to expect, they can keep their nerves at bay and focus more on enjoying the use of the toy.

Talk About It Before Using It

After buying the sex toy, talk with your partner before using it. Since you’re the one who brought up the topic of using sex toys, discuss when you’re going to use the sex toys (is it during foreplay only or throughout the entire sex?), and how often you’re going to use them.

Even if your partner agreed to buy sex toys, it’s important to discuss how the two of you are going to incorporate them into your sex life. The two of you should be on the same page when discussing details about how, when, and where to use these sex toys to avoid misunderstandings.

Remember To Make Sure They Are Comfortable & Ready

Since this is your partner’s first time using sex toys, ask if they’re comfortable and ready to use them. If the two of you agreed to use a vibrator during foreplay, ask first if you should use the toy already. 

Remain Patient

Sex toys can spice up any relationship, but make sure that you’re only using them after your partner approves. Take the time to introduce sex toys to your partner and make them feel comfortable in using them, so the two of you can enjoy the experience together! 

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