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How to Safely Use Electrostimulation Toys

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Electrostimulation is completely safe when all precautions are taken. Since the very first aspect of “SSC” practices is to be safe, we have written this guide for anyone seeking to cause the optimal amount of pleasure and minimal amount of undue harm in a person while engaging in electrical play. For starters, most toys have a limiter to keep the electricity from reaching dangerous levels of power as it transfers into a body. Even with the benefit of a limiter pre-installed into the equipment, here are several other considerations to bear in mind before participating in electrical play.

  • People with either a heart problem or who possess a pacemaker should not engage in electrostimulation.
  • Electrostimulation is also a no-go activity for anyone pregnant.
  • Never use an electrostimulation device anywhere above the waist. Much like with the note regarding heart issues and pacemakers, you do not want to involve electricity anywhere that close to the heart. Nipples also happen to be a horrible contact point for electrostimulation.
  • Abstain from electrical play if either party is tired, underfed, dehydrated or just experiencing general unwellness.
  • Never use an electrostimulation device on skin that has been broken, inflamed or irritated.
  • Resort to either water-based lubricant or electroconductive gel to both raise sensitivity of the skin and prevent tenderizing the skin.
  • Make sure that the power is turned off when applying any electrostimulation device to a person. You only want the power on once everything is “ready to go.”
  • Never experiment while wearing jewelry.

Equipment for Beginners

If you happen to be a novice at electrical play, it is best to start small while also ticking off a few important features. While there are several things anyone needs to have a complete kit, the most vital is a power supply for all of your attachments. Every unit is capable of controlling a variety of sex toys and accessories, meaning you have a great deal of flexibility and variety in how you stimulate a person. After you become acquainted with electrostimulation and want to go deeper, look over your equipment and shop around for suitable attachments to your gear.

Remember that not every person has the same reactions to electrostimulation. While some are down for getting a jump-start on their sex lives, others will be burnt out on those shocks within seconds of their first time.