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Electro Stimulation


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Electro Stimulation Toys Online

Certain people love pain. These individuals find that a bit of pain, or a jolt of pain, can enhance the amount of pleasure that they feel. Some even find the pain, itself, to be pleasurable. If your partner is one of these individuals, then you might struggle with new ways to introduce pain to them. A solution for you is with electro-stimulation toys.

These toys all offer a bit of a shock that can be used at your own discretion. You should adhere to their labels to use them safely. Each toy offers a shock in different ways. For example, you might want to try a vibrator with your partner. Not only does this toy vibrate for your lover, but it can also offer them a shock when you push the button. Sometimes the shock occurs within the vagina or ass. Other times, it can be given directly to the clit. Wherever you decide to use it on your partner, they’re sure to experience a thrill and pleasure unlike anything else.

Best Electro Stimulation Sex Toys

Another toy to consider for electro-stimulation is an electrified paddle. Perhaps your lover loves to be spanked. You can give them an entirely new experience with an electrified paddle. Each time the paddle presses to their skin, they’ll receive not only a spank but a good and thorough shock, too. Don’t be surprised if they start misbehaving more to get more spanks.

For men, there are also cock rings and cock loops that offer an electric shock to your most precious of places. Cupid’s Box has a wide selection of Men’s sex toys online .

We also offer powders to keep the shock going.