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Latest Vibrators for Sale

Discover the Best Vibrators for Women

We have one of the most extensive collections of the best vibrators for women online. We have both timeless classics and new and exciting ones, such as rabbit vibrators and bullet vibrators. For any woman just starting to discover the pleasure of good vibrations, we suggest testing the waters with a powerful yet discreet bullet vibrator. Sleek, compact, and powerful, a bullet vibrator delivers targeted vibrations exactly where you want them.

These are women’s top favorites for a reason — not only are bullet vibrators compact and powerful, but they are also easy to use solo and incorporate into foreplay with your partner. 

Graduating from bullet vibrators opens up a new world of vibrators for women. Go big with internal ones, like dildos and G-spot vibrators, or try out innovative vibrators for couples. If you’re looking for more fun and adventure, we also have anal and oral vibrators.

Oral vibrators provide amazing sensations that mimic the pleasure of oral sex but with more powerful vibrations. Some also provide strong air suction and targeted pulses for intense orgasms.

Regardless of what you may be looking for, we’re confident you can find the right vibrator to suit your wants and needs. With our handy product filters, you only need a few moments of browsing to find and order one. 

If you’re in the market for a new vibrator, then you may wonder if you should increase or decrease the size. Does it make a difference? Here’s what you need to know about vibrators and size.

Does Size Affect the Vibrator Intensity?

There are several different types of vibrators. Each model uses vibration differently. Someplace the vibration near the tip. Others place the vibration either in the middle of the base of the toy.

Because of this, size may affect how easy or difficult it is to receive the most powerful sensation from the vibrator. If you prefer to hold the vibrator close to you, for example, a larger vibrator may be a bit more difficult if you’re unable to reach the area where the vibrating device is located.

You may not feel the intensity as well as you might with a smaller vibrator.

However, most manufacturers try to balance vibrator intensity with size. They want to make sure that their customers can feel an intense sensation throughout the toy. Some are more successful than others.

Larger vibrators may also be able to hold more powerful motors for even more intense vibration. Yet you’ll also find small vibrators that do just as well with only a small motor.

The decision ends up coming down to if you enjoy using a certain size over others. It also requires you to consider the brand, itself, and whether or not it’s known for making powerful motors.

Does Size Affect the Pleasure from a Vibrator?

The biggest question you have to ask yourself is if the size of the vibrator will increase your pleasure or not. The answer is entirely personal. You may find that a larger vibrator creates sensations better. Or you may find that a larger vibrator causes discomfort.

If you’re using the same product, but the only difference is three different sizes, then there isn’t going to much of a change between your current state of pleasure and what your state of pleasure maybe with a larger or smaller vibrator.

Find the Perfect Vibrator For You

Cupid’s Box is a discreet sex store that offers high-quality products in various sizes. To find out if a different size is better or not for you, then the only thing you can do is to experiment and try it for yourself. You may end up with a new favorite toy.



Here’s What Really Matters In A Vibrator

If you’re in the market for a new vibrator, there are some important factors that you should consider. Of course, your vibrator should grant you the big “O”, but that’s not all you need to consider when buying a new toy. There is so much to choose from, from anal vibrators and g spot vibrators to oral vibrators and finger vibrators. With this much to choose from, how do you know what truly matters when picking out a new vibrator?

The Shape & Size

When it comes to the best sex toys for women, there is no doubt that vibrators know how to enhance the experience. When it comes to vibrators, there are a ton of different shapes and sizes to choose from. There are small vibrators, large vibrators, vibrators that are easier to hold, and others that are for different areas of the body.

Shape and size are vital to achieving pleasure as no two people are the same. You can get an idea of what appeals to you by browsing online first. Know the shape and size you want before you start shopping. Small vibrators are perfect for stimulating specific areas. Large vibrators have the power to feel sensational and strong. If you’re not sure which one to choose, there is no harm in getting one of each to determine which one best fits your style.

What Are My Options?

Whether you are shopping for yourself or shopping for her, the wide selection and variations of vibrators can be overwhelming. It never hurts to start small and work your way up to more intense and exciting vibrators. 

Vibrators range from vibrating nipple clamps and waterproof options to standard and well-known brands. Some specialize in direct vibration while others offer a suction sensation. You can consider where you would like to experience the vibrator, which sensations you might enjoy most, and then decide on a shape and size.

You can also choose from various stimulation levels and different pulsation settings. Some vibrators may have a low, medium, and high setting while others offer ten or more different vibration patterns. While browsing, note which vibrators are cordless and rechargeable, and which need to stay plugged in as this can change the way you use them. 

Meet Your Needs

Vibrators and sex toys should do what you want them to. If you are a fan of anal stimulation, it might be best for you to get an anal vibrator. If you find that you need clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm, a massager is a great vibrator to pinpoint your clitoral area. Looking for something easy to tuck away? Get one that doesn’t make noise or that is relatively quiet. If you’re looking for something small and simple, try some discreet vibrators. They offer great stimulation in a small and easy-to-travel size.

Since there are so many options out there, you have the right to be a little specific about what you want from your toy. Truly knowing what you want comes from knowing your body and knowing what works for you. Everyone’s body is different, therefore everyone has different needs when it comes to choosing the right vibrator.

Find “The One” Today

Over time and as you get to know your body, you’ll learn quickly which type of vibrator suits you best. Remember to approach your toys from a place of curiosity and excitement rather than with pressure to achieve orgasm. Vibrators should be a fun way to introduce new sensations and enhance pleasure for you or your partner! If you are ready to discover what works best for you, buy the ideal vibrator online. Shop our collection and learn more about our vibrator options today!

Common Questions About Vibrators

Yes, vibrators can be for internal and external pleasure. There are different types of vibrators that can target different areas of the erogenous zones and ones that will focus on both at the same time.

A vibrator can last a long time depending on the quality and the material. Silicone can probably outlast some of us in our lifetime, however so can a toothbrush, but that doesn’t mean it should! You may want to replace your vibrator if it breaks as there could be a malfunction or if you have had it a long time it could have just had its normal wear and tear. Even if it’s your favorite, it just may be time to part with it and update your collection. Be sure to inspect your vibrator upon purchase and read the instructions carefully before use. Proper care and use of your vibrator will certainly extend the length of life and performance of your new best friend.

Not only can you use your vibrator in the shower, you can use it in the tub, jacuzzi or swimming pool, but only if it is waterproof. Because waterproof vibrators are specially sealed, they are safe and protected from water damage. Make sure you look at the packaging or the fine print. Sometimes you will read “submersible” which is the same as waterproof. However, if you see water resistant or splash proof it is not the same. That simply you can clean your product with a warm wet cloth and if a couple drops get on it, it will survive. Remember waterproof and water-resistant is not the same thing.

Vibrators are a simple yet fantastic way to spice up bedroom life. They come in all manner of shapes, sizes, colors, and purposes — and Cupid’s Box carries only the best in our online inventory.