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Vibrators and Sexual Health

Here’s something that will blow your mind: 150 years ago, the vibrator in your nightstand would have been found in your doctor’s office, available by prescription.

It’s a little more complicated than that (we’ll get there), but it’s true! While sex toys have been around for pretty much all of human history, vibrating stand-alone sex toys have only been around since the Victorian Era when the invention of electricity made them possible. And it turns out that the health benefits of vibrators are supported by modern science, too.

Although now your health insurance won’t cover a Magic Wand (sadly), there are still health benefits to using a vibrator. Here are just a few:

  • Achieving orgasm. Many women struggle to have an orgasm without a sex toy. The best sex toys for women, including vibrators, can provide the stronger stimulation needed to get there, even for women who have never had an orgasm before.
  • Mood improvement. We probably don’t have to tell you that orgasms give you a temporary mood boost. Using a vibrator regularly to orgasm can also create long-term improvements to mood, sexual self-confidence, and sexual pleasure with partners.
  • Self-care. A self-care routine is vital to stress reduction & mental well-being. Using a vibrator as part of your self-care can help you prioritize pleasure and sexual well-being in your everyday life, and is a great way to relieve psychological and physical stress.


Let’s get into the sexual health origins of the modern vibrator — it’s a fascinating story!

How and Why the Vibrator Was Invented

In the 1880s, Joseph Granville invented an electricity-powered massager for muscle aches. This invention was quickly adapted to treat a psychological condition then referred to as “hysteria,” which encompassed a host of symptoms that we would now refer to as stress, anxiety, depression, or sexual frustration. The treatment? Orgasms.

While the term “hysteria” is now outdated (not to mention sexist), the treatment was not. For centuries, doctors had treated hysteria with pelvic massages that induced orgasm. With Granville’s invention, this procedure became much easier, and soon the vibrator was adopted as a quick method for relieving hysteria symptoms.

As the diagnosis of hysteria fell out of favor in the early 20th century, so did medical treatment with vibrators. It wasn’t until the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s that vibrators entered the cultural conversation again when sex-positive feminists like Betty Dodson endorsed them as a means for women to reclaim their own sexual pleasure.

The vibrator has come a long way from the doctor’s office. Today, the power of pleasure is literally in your hands.

How To Select the Best Vibrator For You

Did you know that vibrators no longer just, well, vibrate? Since its buzzy origins, the vibe has evolved. Now, vibrators are available that rotate, thrust, suck, and apply air pressure. That means a lot of options to choose from, and vibes that can satisfy almost any desire for stimulation imaginable.

That being said, having so many options can also make choosing the best vibrators overwhelming. If you want to enjoy the sexy health benefits of choosing the best vibrators for your needs, check out our guide below! We’ll go over everything you need to consider when you’re buying a vibe.

Material and texture. Most vibrators are made of silicone. If this is your first vibrator, that’s the material we recommend. Silicone is body-safe and easy to clean since it’s not porous. Most people enjoy the smooth feeling of silicone against their skin. Just remember to use a non-silicone lube to reduce friction and enjoy the sensations.

Power. The type of pleasure and sensation everyone enjoys is unique to them. That’s why many of the best vibrators for women have varying levels of power that you can adjust to your taste.

For maximum enjoyment, look for a vibrator with at least three levels of power. Bonus: many vibes also come with built-in patterns like pulsation, “wave” vibrations, and random vibrations.

However, if you have a difficult time having an orgasm from sex or from masturbating without toys, a wand-style vibe is one of the best vibrators for women who have trouble climaxing. These vibrators tend to pack a lot more power.

To get an idea of a vibrator’s power when you’re shopping online, your best bet is to read the reviews or ask customer support. You’ll also get a sense of where the vibe falls on the “buzzy” to “rumbly” ends of the sensation spectrum.

Discretion. There are times and places that call for discreet vibrators. When you don’t want to have a conversation with the TSA, live with roommates, or just like to have a vibe on-hand for impromptu orgasms, the best vibrators are small and discreet ones.

Vibrators can be discreet in a few different ways. Some are small — many bullet vibes are no longer than two to three inches and easily fit in a pocket. Others are exceptionally quiet, so you won’t have to worry about buzzing heard through thin walls. Some vibrators are even cleverly designed to look like a necklace pendant, lipstick, or other innocuous object.

Partner play. Vibrators aren’t just for solo play! Vibes designed for partner use are increasingly popular. If you’re interested in a vibrator for discreet public play or bedroom fun, you’ve got plenty of options.

Most vibrators can be incorporated into partnered sex in some way, so you don’t necessarily need something specialized. However, some types of partner play can only be achieved with a vibrator designed for couples. This comes into consideration particularly if you want to play with a long-distance partner. Vibes like the Lovense Lush are designed with built-in Bluetooth connections so your lover can control the vibe from across the bar, or halfway across the world.

Other types of vibrators are specially designed so that both partners can feel the stimulation at once. Typically, one partner wears the vibrator. These are some of the best vibrators for adding a heavenly dose of extra pleasure to your sex life.

Stimulation. Think about what type of stimulation you love when you’re masturbating or having sex. Slow penetration? Hard thrusting? Do you enjoy direct clitoral stimulation, or indirect? Pinpointed, or spread out? Gentle or intense?

You can get all of these types of stimulation from the right vibrator! Many vibes “specialize” in certain types of sensations, so look for those qualities. For example, if you enjoy intense, direct clitoral stimulation, a pinpoint vibe might be right for you. Rabbit-style toys are some of the best vibrators for women who want their toys to be versatile. There are double-penetration vibrators for anyone who enjoys extra fullness, and yes — there are vibrators out there that mimic the feeling of oral sex!

Price. The best vibrators for women often fall in the $50 to $125 price range, but you don’t have to spend too much! As with most tech, there’s a huge range of price tags for vibrators.

Before you buy, consider your budget and the maximum price you can afford. You don’t have to break the bank to acquire a satisfying vibrator. If you’re really cutting back on spending, there are many small, inexpensive bullet vibes that still pack a lot of power.

Ready to Buy the Best Vibrator for You?

At Cupid’s Box, we have everything you need to enjoy the sexual health benefits of vibrators. Use our guide above while you shop, and if you have any additional questions, contact our customer support team. We want you to love what you get!

Common Questions About Vibrators

Yes, vibrators can be for internal and external pleasure. There are different types of vibrators that can target different areas of the erogenous zones and ones that will focus on both at the same time.

A vibrator can last a long time depending on the quality and the material. Silicone can probably outlast some of us in our lifetime, however so can a toothbrush, but that doesn’t mean it should! You may want to replace your vibrator if it breaks as there could be a malfunction or if you have had it a long time it could have just had its normal wear and tear. Even if it’s your favorite, it just may be time to part with it and update your collection. Be sure to inspect your vibrator upon purchase and read the instructions carefully before use. Proper care and use of your vibrator will certainly extend the length of life and performance of your new best friend.

Not only can you use your vibrator in the shower, you can use it in the tub, jacuzzi or swimming pool, but only if it is waterproof. Because waterproof vibrators are specially sealed, they are safe and protected from water damage. Make sure you look at the packaging or the fine print. Sometimes you will read “submersible” which is the same as waterproof. However, if you see water resistant or splash proof it is not the same. That simply you can clean your product with a warm wet cloth and if a couple drops get on it, it will survive. Remember waterproof and water-resistant is not the same thing.

Vibrators are a simple yet fantastic way to spice up bedroom life. They come in all manner of shapes, sizes, colors, and purposes — and Cupid’s Box carries only the best in our online inventory.