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Best Rabbit Vibrators


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How To Use Rabbit Vibrators

Thinking of giving the famous rabbit vibrator a try? This toy is legendary for a good reason: it’s designed to give a woman maximum pleasure, and just about always succeeds. Our guide on how to use a rabbit vibrator shows you just how easy it is to enjoy your brand-new best friend.

Feel it out first. Rabbit vibrators can be more powerful than you expect. Test out both parts of the vibe on your nose and lips—this tip might sound weird, but your nose and lips are sensitive enough to indicate how strong the vibrator is.

Use lube. Lube is an essential part of how to use a rabbit vibrator. Lube reduces friction between your skin and the toy, meaning less risk of irritation and way, way more pleasant. Keep a bottle of your favorite handy.

Start experimenting. Rabbit vibrators aren’t your ordinary vibe (although we love those, too). That deceptively simple shape hides a world of possibilities when you consider that virtually all rabbit vibrators have multiple strengths and vibration patterns for each part. Spend some time finding your favorite combinations so you know how to use your toy for maximum pleasure.

Try an anal toy. Once you’re comfortable with how to use a rabbit vibrator, rock your own world by combining your rabbit vibe with a butt plug or anal beads.

Want to learn more about our wide selection of rabbit vibrators? Contact our team with questions, or explore our site.  Start browsing our online store for rabbit vibrators.

The Best Rabbit Vibrators 

If you are looking for top-quality rabbit vibrators, then you should know that there are several types of rabbit vibrators on the market. Cupid’s Box carries a wide selection that will satisfy your needs.

The rabbit vibrator is well known for its stimulating vibrations for enhanced pleasure. This toy is not only popular and versatile but also comfortable. If you’re looking for an easy way to spice things up, our range of rabbit vibrators stands apart from other toys on the market. 

What Makes the Rabbit Vibrator Stand Apart?

A new study found that an orgasm from a rabbit vibrator can last up to 17% longer. Rabbit vibrators are probably one of the first things to come to mind when you think of sex toys. That’s because they’ve been around for decades, and the latest models have more sophisticated features and advanced technology.

Discover Your Pleasure With Our High-Quality Sex Toys

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