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If your partner is someone who loves feeling like they're owned, or if you're into BDSM, then a collar and leash are necessary pieces of equipment to own. Collars have quite a symbolic meaning in the BDSM community. They should never be chosen without care. However, knowing just what kind of collar to get for your needs is also important.

For those who simply want to get a collar for their lover without the use of a leash, then you can choose collars that are light and delicate. These can be made of thin metal or even a silk material. They're designed for elegance in mind.

Bondage Collars & Leashes Online

The bulk of collar owners, however, also want to use them with a leash. Your lover enjoys being led around the house on their leash. It helps them get into that submissive mindset which can make for great scenes later on. These individuals need collars that are a bit thicker and able to be used with a leash. Leather collars are some of the best that you can provide for your partner.

BDSM Collars & Leashes for You

You can play around with collar and shape, too, to make it unique to your partner. Whether they love pink, black, or they want to be treated more like a pet than a person, you can find the collar that you need here. In terms of leashes, we also provide quite a few different kinds and materials. The leash is an extension of your hand, and so it should be made with strength and durability in mind.

BDSM has become increasingly popular around the world. If you’re into BDSM or you’d like to get into it, there are many different sex toys you can use to inflict pleasure or pain upon your partner with. One of the most popular toys is BDSM collars and leashes.

BDSM collars are usually worn by the submissive person and can come in all styles and colors. If you’re the dominant in your sexual relationship, seeing your partner wearing their collar around the house can be a huge turn on. Among our most popular BDSM collars is our leather collar. Leather is commonly used in BDSM and can make things even more fun in the bedroom. 

Although BDSM is often associated with rough play, some of our BDSM collars are thicker and use fur, so the wearer can still be comfortable. 

Affordable BDSM Collars & Leashes

All of our BDSM collars are affordable and high quality, so you get the best bang for your buck. You can even buy multiple to use to change things up. We also offer bondage sets that include BDSM collars and other accessories, as well as neck to hand restraints.

If you’re looking for the best BDSM collars you can buy online, look no further. Cupid’s Box has a great selection of BDSM collars and other BDSM accessories for you to look through. Take your sex life to the next level with our BDSM accessories.

Leather leashes or even metal ones can not only look great, but they also function well outside of the bedroom. Browse through our entire inventory of adult sex toys to find what you need!

High-Quality BDSM Collars Online

The collar ceremony in a BDSM lifestyle is a big deal. When it's time to collar your sub, you need to make sure that you have the right one. Not only should it look great, but it also shouldn't sacrifice functionality for appearance. At Cupid's Box, we have high-quality BDSM collars at our online store that are sure to delight. Here's what you need to know about our collars.

Our BDSM Collars are Built for Durability

An important aspect of our collars is their durability. Your sub needs to be able to wear her collar proudly without it breaking on her. This is especially true when you're using a leash with the collar. All of our collars are built to ensure that you can use them for several years.

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Our BDSM collars look great and are durable. Check them out today.