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If your partner is someone who loves feeling like they're owned, or if you're into BDSM, then a collar and leash are necessary pieces of equipment to own. Collars have quite a symbolic meaning in the BDSM community. They should never be chosen without care. However, knowing just what kind of collar to get for your needs is also important.

For those who simply want to get a collar for their lover without the use of a leash, then you can choose collars that are light and delicate. These can be made of thin metal or even a silk material. They're designed for elegance in mind.

Bondage Collars & Leashes Online

The bulk of collar owners, however, also want to use them with a leash. Your lover enjoys being led around the house on their leash. It helps them get into that submissive mindset which can make for great scenes later on. These individuals need collars that are a bit thicker and able to be used with a leash. Leather collars are some of the best that you can provide for your partner.

You can play around with collar and shape, too, to make it unique to your partner. Whether they love pink, black, or they want to be treated more like a pet than a person, you can find the collar that you need here. In terms of leashes, we also provide quite a few different kinds and materials. The leash is an extension of your hand, and so it should be made with strength and durability in mind.

Leather leashes or even metal ones can not only look great, but they also function well outside of the bedroom.