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Best Furry Cuffs Online

There is no greater starting point for bondage than with furry handcuffs. While many may think that traditional metal handcuffs should be the starting point for beginners, furry handcuffs are actually the better option. For some people, metal handcuffs can be too cold to the touch, or the metal can start to bite into the skin. Furry handcuffs offer a comfortable alternative. They don’t irritate the skin nearly as much, and as such, they can be a great jumping-off point for those who are looking to get into bondage.

Furry handcuffs are also a lot of fun because you can find them in various colors and patterns. We offer a series of different shades and patterns that can either match with a set of lingerie or are simply your favorite color. Handcuffs, in general, are easy to use. All you need to do is open them, and then wrap them around your lover’s wrists.

Furry Cuffs For Couples

When you close them, you should ensure that they’re not so tight as to make your lover circulation in their hands. However, you don’t want them loose enough that they could escape from them either. It may take a few tries before you find the perfect tightness for your partner. The added benefit of the fluff will not only make finding that spot easier, but it will also keep your partner comfortable throughout the experience.

Furry handcuffs can also sometimes come part of a kit. These kits are designed to introduce other restraints and other levels of play with bondage. You might want to include a fluffy blindfold, for example. Begin with fluffy cuffs and experiment from there with your lover.