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Butt Plugs


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butt plugs

Curious about butt plugs? Looking to add to your collection? This guide is for you.

Are you thinking about exploring anal play for the first time? Experienced in anal sex, but looking to enhance it even more?

If so, the right butt plug is essential. And the more butt plugs you have in your sex toy stash, the more opportunities to explore the pleasurable sensations that you’ve only dreamed about.

At Cupid’s Box, we have hundreds of butt plugs to choose from, starting at toys for beginners all the way up to butt plugs for seasoned anal pleasure enthusiasts. And in between, there are so many toys that provide enhanced sensation to your usual play, and even access crucial pleasure spots that you won’t be able to hit otherwise.

According to a 2014 survey, about 20% of men and women regularly practice anal sex. That means about 80% of you have yet to try it! Don’t miss out on its potential.

Anal sex is definitely growing in popularity, but there are plenty of reasons people might find it intimidating at first. Maybe you’ve seen an outsized novelty butt plug at the local sex shop and it put you off the idea. Or, you’ve simply heard the myth that anal sex always hurts. 

Thankfully, myths that anal sex and butt plugs are painful or unnatural are just that, myths. In fact, anal sex and butt plugs are an incredibly pleasurable, intimate and fun part of many people’s sex lives.

If you’re a beginner to anal sex, butt plugs can help you break down your mental reservations, as well as get you prepared physically.

Butt plugs are a wonderful way to prepare for anal sex because they can help you get accustomed to the sensation of anal penetration. Butt plugs can also gradually increase the size that your anus and rectum are used to. 

Not sure how that works? Here’s a quick anatomy lesson for the unfamiliar: your rectum is the lower part of your intestines, and the anus is its opening. The anus opens and closes thanks to a ring-shaped muscle called the anal sphincter. 

Fun Fact: Understanding your anatomy helps increase your sexual pleasure. Knowing your anal anatomy is a must when it comes to butt plugs.

Because of this anatomy, feeling nervous about anal sex at first is normal. The anal sphincter is naturally meant to clench, so inserting a butt plug feels unfamiliar to the body. Plus, butt plugs and anal sex might be met by some mental resistance, since putting something in your rectum for the first time might seem strange. 

However, smaller, comfortable butt plugs (plus communicating with your partner, practicing relaxation techniques and using anal lube) can help you get over any initial discomfort with the idea of anal sex or butt plugs themselves.

The key to anal sex is to go slow (more on that later), and that goes for size as well as speed. If you’re interested in having anal sex with a partner, use a butt plug to introduce yourself to anal penetration. Start with a small butt plug—the smaller the butt plug you start with, the better, since you don’t want to overestimate the size you need. 

While your sexual choices are always up to you, we recommend that you give anal play and butt plugs a try if you haven’t already. You never know what you might enjoy until you try it. And the right beginner butt plug or butt plug training kit will definitely help you ease into it. 

Ready to explore the pleasurable world of butt plugs?

While we’re on the subject of introducing yourself to butt plugs and anal sex in general, let’s go over some safety tips. No, this technically isn’t a type of butt plug, but we promise we’ll get back to that soon. However, safer sex is a crucial component of any and all sexual activity. 

Whether you’re exploring butt plugs with multiple casual partners, or delving into intimate butt plug experiences with your long-term significant other, safer sex means healthier, more relaxed and more trusting sex.

Some safety tips for using butt plugs are not much more different from safer sex tips that apply to oral sex or vaginal intercourse. However, there are important differences when it comes to butt plugs and anal sex.

Namely, the biggest difference is that the rectum doesn’t self-lubricate, unlike other body parts involved in the two other most common kinds of sexual activity. During vaginal sex and oral sex, the body provides natural lubrication, which is necessary for pleasure and prevents any chafing or difficulty. 

Since the rectum does not provide natural lubrication, even when you’re aroused, using a butt plug without any artificial lubrication makes your anus and rectum susceptible to pain and injury. Without anal lubricant, using a butt plug will not at all be as pleasurable as it could be.

With that in mind, in order for a butt plug to enter easily and safely, you’ll have to use a generous amount of lube. When it comes to butt plugs remember the golden rule: there’s no such thing as too much lube. Use the amount of lube you think you will need with your butt plug, and then double the amount. It may get messy, but that’s part of the fun. 

For maximum pleasure, we recommend using silicone lube with metal and glass butt plugs. Silicone lube, especially silicone lube made for butt plug play and anal sex, is typically thicker and stickier than other types of lubricant, and tends to stay in place better than ordinary lube. Silicone lube is therefore excellent for butt plug use, since it provides longer-lasting lubrication 

There is one exception: you can’t use silicone lube with a silicone butt plug, since it will destroy the material. Thankfully, there are other water-based lubes out there that work nearly as well as silicone. As long as you use a generous helping of lube with your butt plug, you’ll barely be able to tell the difference between water-based and silicone lube. 

Here’s the second golden rule of butt plugs. Tape this to your headboard or nightstand if you have to: always use a flared base! 

Unlike the vagina, the rectum has no stopping point. That means that without a flared base wider than the butt plug itself, a butt plug could easily slip inside and “disappear” into your intestinal tract. If this happens, date night will quickly turn into a long trip to the emergency room and an expensive hospital bill. Keep things sexy, not scary, by only using butt plugs that have a sufficiently wide base.

Finally, to prevent sexually transmitted infections, use condoms if you’re using butt plugs with multiple partners. We recommend keeping a kit of condoms and lube by your bedside at all times.

 Does your butt plug and sex toy collection need a revamp?

Somewhere along the line, we all seem to have gotten the impression that all butt plugs are serious-looking, utilitarian and ubiquitously made of stark black silicone, almost the sex toy equivalent of business attire. That’s far from the truth! 

Now, don’t get us wrong. We’re not knocking those types of butt plugs, or those who love them. A severe-looking butt plug can feel sophisticated or sexy, and a sleek black butt plug definitely fits many a BDSM aesthetic. However, any type of sex (solo, vanilla, kinky, you name it) can make some room for a fun or fanciful butt plug. 

Butt plugs come in a rainbow of colors, from neon to pastel to flesh tone. And when you add the range of available butt plug materials in the mix, you get everything from hot pink silicone butt plugs to butt plugs made of beautifully iridescent borosilicate glass. 

Colorful, decorative or otherwise visually pleasing butt plugs are especially fun for adding a sense of humor, a little aesthetic improvement and/or role-play into your sex life. 

Since butt plugs, as we mentioned, must have flared bases, the flared base of any butt plug is a perfect spot to showcase decorative additions like gems, sculpted flowers and even emojis (after all, we think a sense of humor is key to a good sex life). 

The Sexy Truth: Playfulness is an important part of anyone’s sex life.

Butt plugs can greatly enhance roleplay scenarios, too, whether you’re just experimenting for a night or whether you regularly play with fetishes like pony play or humiliation. One roleplay-ready butt plug that we recommend is the Rainbow Foxy Tail Pleasure Stainless Plug, which temporarily gives the wearer a beautiful tail. Tail butt plugs are especially fun and naughty, and the perfect way to spark the imagination into a hot roleplay scenario. 

Add a tail butt plug into your favorite kinky role-playing kit.

But if tail butt plugs aren’t your style, we have hundreds of other fun and unique butt plugs to choose from. For those with a more classical sense of style, the Silver Starter Jeweled Hearts Plug in Pink is a perfect choice. The medium-sized stainless steel butt plug creates a pleasurable sensation of fullness, and the pink crystal heart base will make the wearer feel like royalty. (For a Valentine’s Day gift that your significant other will never forget, consider buying them this butt plug with matching pink crystal jewelry.)

Whether they’re pretty, funny, both or somewhere in between, butt plugs with a little something extra at the base can add more dimension and variety to your pleasure.

Ever play with hot massage oil or wax candles as a form of erotic foreplay? How about tantalizing and teasing your lover with ice cubes? Or on the less kinky (but just as fun) end of the spectrum, what about the soothing feel of a lover’s warm hands on your shoulders after a long day—or teasingly putting your cold feet on theirs in bed in order to elicit some giggles? 

All of the above are forms of temperature play, which is exactly what it sounds like: using varying levels of temperature to create intense sensations. And although using a butt plug is already pleasurably intense for many who have them in their sex toy stash, incorporating some temperature play can double, triple, and quadruple your pleasure when using a butt plug. 

Be Adventurous: Vary the temperature of your butt plug for even more sensations.

You can use just about any butt plug for temperature play, but some types of butt plugs are better than others for this purpose, depending on what types of sensation you like and how you like to play. We’ll go through the three most common and types of butt plug materials and how they respond to heating and cooling during sex.

The first material, silicone, is great for butt plugs for so many reasons. For starters, it’s easy to clean (a must for any type of toy, but especially for butt plugs that are inserted in the rectum). Secondly, most wearers find silicone butt plugs very comfortable, as silicone is one of the materials that’s most similar to the touch of real skin. 

However, silicone is not particularly effective for serious temperature play, since it doesn’t hold heat or cold as well as other types of butt plug materials. On the other hand, the fact that it doesn’t retain temperatures for very long before returning to room temperature means that it’s a great butt plug material for beginners who want to explore temperature play slowly. 

The next butt plug material that’s suitable for temperature play is borosilicate glass (the kind used in Pyrex).

In addition to its smooth, slippery texture and the beautiful colors you can find it in, borosilicate glass holds temperature very well. Butt plugs made of borosilicate glass, like the Glas Over Easy Butt Plug, can be placed in warm or cool water to change their temperature over the course of about five minutes. While adjusting the temperature of glass butt plug will take some patience on your part, the good news is that this butt plug material holds temperature for a long time. This means that your butt plug can be used for extended temperature play pleasure.

Finally, stainless steel butt plugs are also perfect for temperature play. If you’ve ever used a stainless steel pan for cooking, you know how quickly this material heats up and cools down. That translates into using butt plugs for temperature play. 

If you prefer a butt plug that you can heat up and cool down quickly for spontaneous play, or for experiencing multiple temperature changes within a few minutes, a stainless steel butt plug is perfect for you. Just as you would with a glass butt plug, place the stainless steel butt plug in hot or cold water to change the temperature. 

Turn the heat up on your sex life with butt plug temperature play.

As you’ve probably picked up from reading so far (or already know if you’re experienced enough at playing with butt plugs), incorporating butt plugs into your sex life provides so many opportunities for intense sensation. From temperature play to fullness, the range of never-before-felt pleasurable sensations that you can achieve with a butt plug is almost limitless.

Another seriously feel-good sensation you can easily achieve with a butt plug? The delights of a ribbed texture. 

If you’ve ever played with a ribbed or rippled vibrator or dildo, you already know what an incredible sensation it is. In addition to the sensations or stroking and fullness than an ordinary smooth butt plug can give you, a ribbed butt plug creates those sensations as well as minute variations in pressure that are exponentially stimulating. If you’ve ever played with a vibrator that pulsates, the sensation is similar with a butt plug, but even more intense. 

We recommend having a ribbed butt plug in your sex toy stash for the same reason we recommend having a butt plug in the first place: because the sensations you experience can be so intensely pleasurable, and can enhance your sex life so much, that you’ll wonder where they’ve been your whole life. 

Fun Fact: Rippled butt plugs will bring your orgasms to the next level.

Beginners, take note: butt plug play is a wet, wild, wonderful world, and once you start, you probably won’t want to stop. You may start with a pinky-sized butt plug today, but with a trusted partner and an appetite for pleasure, your butt plug collection is sure to get much, much bigger. And we don’t just mean the size of your collection—we mean the size of the butt plugs themselves.

For all of you butt plug lovers who love the sensation of size and fullness, a wide-girth butt plug is a must. The sensation of fullness that comes from a large butt plug is unparalleled. Plus, the excitement of using larger and larger butt plugs is erotic within itself. 

Fun Fact: When it comes to butt plugs, girth is more important than length.

Finally, if you’re interested in exploring anal fisting, which takes planning and preparation in order to be pleasurable and safe, larger butt plugs are a must. Large butt plugs let the wearer get used to the sensation of fisting, and can also be incorporated into anal fisting foreplay to prepare partners for the main event. 

(As always, remember: as long as it feels good, it’s good. But if you experience any pain or discomfort with a butt plug, stop using it right away and relax, switch to a smaller size or apply more lubricant as the situation requires.)

At Cupid’s Box, we have an unparalleled range of butt plug sizes for you to choose from. Our butt plug stock ranges from beginner-friendly, small butt plugs to large butt plugs that will please even the most experienced of players. 

One of our larger bestsellers is the Ram Silicone Buttplug. Although only 3.5” in length, this butt plug more than makes up with its girth, a full 4.25” inches around. 

Plus, this butt plug is double stacked. The top half of the butt plug is slightly narrower than the bottom, where it reaches its full girth. The slightly narrower top half lets users ease into the full girth of the plug when they’re comfortable. 

Additionally, the waterproof silicone butt plug has a slightly raised ridge spiraling down its sides for extra rippling sensation and pleasure.

For kinkier butt plug enthusiasts, the Master Series Dark Bloom Mini Claw Plug is the BDSM butt plug of your dreams. This is no ordinary butt plug, and might seem intimidating if you’re not used to its unusual shape. However, butt plug users who love girthy toys and are looking for a more experimental butt plug will be in kinky heaven with the Master Series Dark Bloom Mini Claw Plug. 

The Sexy Truth: Butt plugs can add a kinky dimension to your sex life.

The expanding sensation from this butt plug is unlike any other, and the devious design is sure to appeal to kinky butt plug lovers.

We’re not kidding when we say that introducing butt plugs to your sex life creates endless opportunities for pleasure. Butt plugs can create deeper intimacy, provide more opportunities for temperature play and create a sensation of enjoyable fullness.

Additionally, when they are the right shape butt plugs can stimulate two very pleasurable parts of the body. Curved butt plugs are specially designed to stimulate the your body’s most sensitive pleasure points for truly mind-blowing sensations and orgasms.

Curved butt plugs, which have a gently arched shape, are excellent for anyone with a prostate, otherwise known as the p-spot. Think of it as the penis’s equivalent of a g-spot. 

The p-spot is a gland located in between the penis and the rectum. When stimulated with a butt plug, the p-spot delivers strong sensations and powerful orgasms. 

A curved butt plug stimulates the otherwise hard-to-reach prostate, or p-spot.

You can get in on the fun if you have a vagina, too: Curved butt plugs can stimulate the sensitive g-spot from behind. You’ll especially feel it if you play with some double penetration featuring a butt plug paired with a vaginal dildo or vibrator. Prepare to feel pleasure like you never have before.

Curved butt plugs are capable of stimulating the vaginal walls and g-spot.

For p-spot play, it’s essential that a butt plug have a curved shape, similar to the shape of g-spot vibrators. One curved butt plug that we love is the Inya Ace III, which is gently curved enough that beginners can enjoy it, but girthy enough that anyone of any experience level will not be disappointed. Plus, the Inya Ace III has a curved base, meaning that you can rock back and forth for intense sensation and easily enjoy this butt plug with a partner or solo.

Want explosive sensations? Try a vibrating butt plug.

Vibrating butt plugs are so enjoyable because they add sensations that ordinary insertion or thrusting just can’t achieve. There are thousands of sensitive nerve endings around the anus and rectum. While a non-vibrating butt plug can be incredibly stimulating on its own, a vibrating butt plug maximizes that pleasure exponentially by targeting all of those sensitive nerves at once. 

If you’ve tried it all and are looking for a brand-new sensation that’s almost like trying butt plugs for the first time, we definitely recommend trying one of the many vibrating butt plug options available. 

One of our favorite vibrating butt plugs, as well as a best-seller on the Cupid’s Box site, is the Renegade Rumble Silicone Wireless Butt Plug. Its sleek, curved-base design and silicone material are user-friendly for a broad spectrum of players. The simplicity of this tapered black butt plug belies the powerful sensations that it’s capable of. The Renegade Rumble Butt Plug, as its name suggests, produces strong, rumbly vibrations for full-body pleasure. Additionally, this vibrating butt plug is waterproof, meaning that you can enjoy it during a steamy shower. 

Be Adventurous: Intensify your orgasms with a butt plug that has strong vibrations.

Finally (and this is our favorite part) this butt plug comes with a wireless remote control. Should you choose to do so, you or a partner can control the vibrations of the butt plug from a short distance, making it an ideal toy for power-play scenarios and even a little bit of fun in public. 

While the design of the Renegade Rumble Silicone Wireless Butt Plug is relatively simple, it’s only one of many vibrating butt plug options. On the Cupid’s Box site, we have a wide range of different types and styles of vibrating butt plugs, including rimming butt plugs that simulate the sensation of oral-anal sex and vibrating butt plugs that feature an attached external prostate massager.

Find Your Pleasure At Cupid’s Box

There no such thing as too many sex toys, especially when it comes to butt plugs.

Whether you decide to mix some anal sex into your love life or want to make butt plugs the main event, there’s a wide world of butt plug options to choose from. You can find every variation imaginable right here at Cupid’s Box, thanks to our extensive selection of beginner butt plugs, vibrating butt plugs, prostate massaging butt plugs and much more.

We hope that you experiment with as many types of butt plugs as you like to find the pleasurable sensation that’s just right for you. With a well-stocked sex toy stash by your bedside, you’ll never run out of ways to take your pleasure to incredible heights.