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How to Use a Sex Toy to Start Winning in the Bedroom

How to Use a Sex Toy to Start Winning in the Bedroom

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Have you ever considered bringing sex toys into the bedroom? For many, intercourse alone isn’t enough to guarantee to reach orgasm. Designed to bridge the pleasure gap, introducing toys while getting intimate with your partner can help both of you get exactly what you want out of sex. It is normal to feel nervous or shy when initiating this conversation with your partner for the first time. Incorporating toys in the bedroom is sure to bring you closer than ever. You can explore new and exciting ideas and fantasies or add a little spice with budding curiosity. Here are a few ideas on how to use sex toys in the bedroom.

Shop for Toys With Your Partner

After you and your partner agree on your boundaries and expectations regarding bringing sex toys into the bedroom, it is wise to shop together. While you may have a collection of your own, browsing the variety of toys available as a couple can help you ensure you’re both comfortable with the new addition. You can also discuss having toys for yourself and toys to share. 

Discover the function of particular toys, discuss your fantasies, and build anticipation for how they might spice up your most intimate moments. Online stores are a great option for shopping together because you can do so in the privacy of your own space and discuss each option in detail. Our online selection of couples toys is sure to have something that piques both of your interests. 

Explore the various categories and learn more about your preferences as you shop together. 

Talk to Your Partner About Your Desires

Establishing and maintaining an open, honest dialogue with your partner is key to any intimate relationship, especially when introducing sex toys. Many make the mistake of expecting their partner to know exactly what they want without needing to be told or directed. When shopping for your first couple’s toy, be honest about what you think you’d find pleasurable. When discussing particular toys, describe to your partner how you want to use them. Buying a new toy presents a perfect opportunity to show your partner exactly what you like by demonstration. You can guide your partner’s hands where you want them or even use the toy on yourself. This is not only a turn-on for many people, but it is a learning experience that will help you both get exactly what you want during sex. Remember: the goal is to feel good so be patient and provide verbal encouragement as you and your partner explore what works best for both of you. 

Don’t forget to listen. Make sure your partner’s comforts and desires are also heard and acted upon. The conversation doesn’t have to be a one-time thing. You can revisit your interests, and discuss any changes or budding interests in new sex toys once you’ve explored a few.

Using Toys for All Over the Body

Oftentimes, the possibility of sex toys is thought to be limited to our most intimate areas. However, exploring the sensations of toys like a vibrator on other parts of the body can be incredibly arousing. Think outside of the box! Try using the vibrator on your partner’s nipples, thighs, or neck and see how it feels. It is all about exploring what can bring you the most pleasure.

Pleasure can be stirred from all over the body. Start with a slow tease with a feather tickler or blindfold your partner for a surprise sensation. With different materials, textures, and vibrations, you can unlock new levels of fun (and pleasure) from head to toe!

Buy a Variety of Sex Toys

Introducing one sex toy in the bedroom often leads to a growing collection. Once you get comfortable with your first toy, be open to exploring new options to keep things even spicier. You might find some you love, some you hate, and some that are just okay. There are endless options when it comes to toys and accessories. You can get adventurous with flavored lubricants or heated massage oil, or maybe experiment with remote-controlled toys. No matter what, with a base of mutual respect, understanding, and honest communication, you and your partner can add to your sex toy collection as you see fit. 

Don’t forget to buy sex toy cleaners when you shop for your toys. Keep your toys clean after every use and enjoy the fun they can bring. You can learn more about our toy-safe cleaners and sex toy care guides to ensure your toys can keep up with the fun.

If you are looking to introduce sex toys to the bedroom, check out our online selection at Cupid’s Box. We sell a variety of sex toys and accessories to accommodate the different needs of men, women, and couples. Shop with us today and bring some excitement into your bedroom.