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What Type Of Sex Lube Do I Need?

No sex toy collection is complete without at least one bottle of lube. And why’s that? Oh, we have so many reasons. 

For starters, personal lubricant is simple yet effective for enhancing your pleasure during sex. The main benefit of lube is that it decreases friction between body parts.

Because of the reduced friction, lube may also help decrease irritation and the risk of injury during sex. When used properly, it may also decrease the risk of condom breakage. 

Finally, the slickness of lube also makes sex toys easier to use—and who doesn’t want that? 

We Have The Widest Selection of Sex Lubricant

There are several different types of lube on the market. Before you buy a bottle of lube, read through this easy guide so that you choose the best lube for you.

Water-Based Sex Lube

Water-based lube formulations are the most versatile of the bunch. They generally provide plenty of lubrication, and are safe to use with any sex toy material, including silicone, glass and stainless steel. Water-based lube is also safe to use with latex and non-latex condoms. Plus, it washes off easily—even off of bedsheets and clothes—so it’s convenient, as well. 

Water-based lube’s main downside is that it doesn’t last as long as some other lubricants. Most people find that they have to reapply water-based lube more often than other kinds of lube. If it sounds like the benefits outweigh the inconvenience, try water-based! However, if stopping to lube up will kill the mood, explore your other options.

Silicone Based Sex Lube

Silicone-based lube is quite the crowd-pleaser. It’s longer-lasting than water-based lube, making it more comfortable for extended sex play and for more sensitive activities like anal sex. Additionally, most people find that a little goes a long way, so you’ll save some money. Bonus: it’s safe to use with condoms, just like water-based lube. 

However, silicone lube can’t be used with sex toys that are also made of silicone. Silicone lube on a silicone sex toy will slowly break down the toy’s surface. This disintegration creates tiny tears on the toy’s surface, making it easier for bacteria to grow. When using your silicone lube, put the silicone toys away.

Oil-Based Sex Lube

Nothing compares to oil-based lube for longevity. If you want slick, silky lube with all-night staying power, then oil-based lube is definitely for you. 

Time to lay down the play sheet, though. As you might imagine, oil-based lube can leave tough stains on your bedding. Take care to use it on an easily-cleaned surface like a massage sheet.

Oil-based lube has another downside: it’s not condom-friendly, so unless you’re in a monogamous relationship (and on birth control, if it applies), stay away from oil-based lube to prevent pregnancy and STI transmission.

Which Is The Best Sex Lube?

Technically, the best lube across the board doesn’t exist. Everyone’s body, sexual preferences, toys and needs are different, so the best lube for you depends on those specific factors.

The only way to find out which lube is the best for you is to start trying it out! Check out our huge online selection of lubricants and get ready to experiment. And if you have any questions about how to choose the best lube for you, our customer service team will be happy to help you. 

Are You Looking For The Best Sex Lube To Use In The Bedroom?

Here at Cupid’s Box, we understand the importance of sex lube: it’s the best way to enhance pleasure for you and your partner and get things going in the bedroom. You can use sex lubricants for all kinds of purposes, from solo pleasure to more comfortable intercourse. Sex lube makes adult play more fun.

Choose Your Sex Lube

Just like sex accessories, there are many different types of adult sex lubricants. The best sex lube for you depends on your personal preferences and goals. We offer a range of sex lubricant products, including oil-based lubricants, gel lubricants, hybrid lubes, silicone based lubricants, and water-based lubricants.

We offer anal sex lubes, prolonging creams to help you last longer in the bedroom, sex lubricants which enhance sexual pleasure, and lubrication for your toys. With Cupid’s Box, you can find the ideal lube for any occasion. We take sexual safety very seriously. All of our lubes are body-safe, so apply liberally!

Get Edible Sex Lube

Is edible sex lubricant a thing? We’re happy to say that it is, and you can buy the best edible adult products from us right now. We offer edible lubricants in a variety of flavors, including wild cherry, strawberry, banana cream pie, and more.

Our sex lubricants are perfect to use with our clitoral stimulation toys, dildos and other products in our range for a night of passion.

Shop Different Kinds of Sex Lubricant That Works For You

Lubricant is a vital part of any playtime. It helps ease pleasure and can make certain sexual activities even more enjoyable. However, low-quality lubricants can either taste terrible or not be that effective. Some may not actually be body safe. At Cupid’s Box, we offer various types of lubricants that can enhance your sex life. Here are some features that you should know about them.

We Have Different Types of Sex Lubricant

Not every sex lubricant is the same. Most of them are created for a specific purpose. Those that are made for oral sex are typically body-safe and edible. They also come in flavors. Others are for toys and are made for specific materials, so the sex lube doesn’t eat away at the toy.

Some of the sex lube that we carry are for:

  • Anal sex
  • Toy lubrication
  • Oral sex
  • Silicone toy lubricant
  • Prolonging gels
  • Massage gels

When you need the best sex lubricant online, we got you covered.

Try Our Sex Lube Today

With various flavors and added features like warming or cooling sensations, you’re sure to find the sex lube that’s perfect for you and your partner. Check out our lubricant stock today.

Sex Lubricant Information

Sex lubricant can make the world of a difference for some couples in the bedroom. At Cupid’s Box, we have a wide variety of the best sex lube on the market. There are so many uses for sex lube that many people aren’t aware of. We have lube for every purpose and we offer them at affordable prices.

We have both anal and vaginal sex lubricant available at our online shop. We offer sex lube that’s oil-based, water-based, silicone-based, jelly-based and much more. It’s all about your personal preference and which one works and feels best for you.

Sex lubricant can be ideal to use in many situations, but if you’re a beginner, lube is crucial. Whether you’re using a dildo or anal plugs, lube is important to use before inserting your sex toy. This helps things feel more comfortable and makes it easier to insert the toy. Lube is also great for sex. Sex lube can also be edible, which is a huge plus for many people. It can make oral sex more enjoyable for both parties.

Another popular form of sex lubricant is prolonging gels or creams. This can help men stay harder for longer and can even provide a more pleasurable feeling when reaching orgasm.

If you’re interested in buying sex lube, purchase some from our store. Sex lubricant can be used for many activities and can provide more intense sensations for every gender. So what are you waiting for? Stock up on sex lube now!

What Kinds of Lube Do We Carry?

  • Anal Lubricant
  • Edible Lubricant
  • Gel Lubricant
  • Toy Lubricant
  • Water Based Lubricant
  • & More