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Sex lubricants do more than just keep you lubricated, they can help you achieve new heights of pleasure. Choose a water-based lubricant that is compatible with condoms and sex toys. Or, to make oral sex extra sweet, use flavored lube. Cupid’s Box has lube products that can satisfy your needs.

Lubricants Will Maximize Pleasure

Adding lube products to your sexual activities will make it more pleasurable and rewarding. These specialty sex lubes are made to be used in sensitive areas. Because of its consistency, it is similar to the body’s natural lubrication, which makes for a more pleasurable experience.

There are so many different varieties, fragrances, consistencies, and more when it comes to sex lube. It’s crucial to be aware of the kind of sex lube you use to make sure it’s suitable for your skin, sex toys, and condoms. For maximum pleasure, choose lubes designed exclusively for its use. Those with sensitivities should double-check the ingredients, as well.

You may want to experiment with several types of lube to determine which ones feel best. When it comes to lubricants, a little does go a long way. One or two bottles for your bedside will provide immediate lubrication for your favorite toy during a pleasurable solo session or long nights of passion with your partner.

Five Reasons To Use Lube:

Here Are The Types Of Sex Lubes You Can Choose From In Our Store:

  • Water-based lube: One of the safest options. It’s perfect for penetrative intercourse, masturbating, and sex toys. Water-based lubes can also be used with contraceptives and are suitable for delicate skin or genital irritation.
  • Silicone-based lube: Both slick and long-lasting, this lube is perfect for use in more extended use. Less lubricant is needed, and it can go longer between reapplications.
  • Oil-based lube: Has a longer-lasting slick feel than water-based lube. These lubes are great for toys or going solo. Oil-based lubes work well for sensual massages, too. However, if you’re using latex condoms, stay away from oil-based lubes, as they might break down the latex and cause a  break.

It’s essential to think about your safety and comfort while selecting a lubricant. After you’ve determined the best lube for your sexual activities, you may browse our product list. Whether you’re into gentle lovemaking or something spicier with sex handcuffs, we have a large selection of quality lubes for your sex needs.

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