How To Surprise Your Partner With A Sex Toy

How To Surprise Your Partner With A Sex Toy

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Are you looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom for you and your partner? Maybe you want to make it a surprise but aren’t sure about how they’ll react? There are several ways to surprise your partner with a sex toy that they won’t be able to resist!

Bathe with a Waterproof Vibrator

Imagine coming home after a long, hard day at work, and your partner surprises you with a nice warm bath already prepared for you — but there’s a twist. Among the soothing scents and the relaxing bath salts is a big and waterproof surprise. Any one would be thoroughly surprised and excited to have their sexual adventure during bath time because it’s the perfect way to get clean (and dirty!)

Get Your Freak On with Strap Ons

Are you and your partner adventurous in the bedroom? If you’re down for anything, then a strap-on harness and a nice dildo will allow you to dominate each other during role play. Be sure to get a lube to go with it and let your passions take over your body.

Blow Your Mind with a Magic Wand

While magic wands can be used to induce an orgasm on your own, you can put on a show for your partner to get you both in the right mood. A rechargeable wand offers mind-numbing vibrations for a deep and powerful orgasm, which can be enjoyed by you and your partner. Furthermore, wands can come with a plug-and-play option to ensure that your sexual playing is elevated anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy Controlling Your Partner’s Pleasure 

Exploring bondage toys for you and your partner helps with explore control and intensity of pleasuring. During that time you can introduce toys like waterproof and rechargeable anal plugs to make things intense. Whatever you chose,at the end, you’re going to love feeling and seeing just how much their toes curl under the various sensations you give them.

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