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Bedroom Crops Online

When a whip just can’t cut it, you need a crop. While most commonly used on animals, crops have been making their appearance in bedrooms for centuries. They’re light and easy to use. They also deliver quite a punch when used correctly. For the person who loves pain to be mixed with their pleasure, here are a few different crops that you might want to include into your toy chest.

The first to consider is the standard leather riding crop. This is the king of all crops. It’s the one that most people use when wanting to use a crop in the first place. The leather hits hard enough and offers enough of a bite to make its recipient coo and cry out for more. Because it’s made of leather, the crop is also durable. It won’t break against the body. Nor will it cause too much harm to the body.

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You can find crops in various sizes. The traditional riding crop is usually smaller. It has a flat, rectangular, surface. Yet you can also find variants. Some are longer or wider. Some even have a different shape like a heart. These are fun if you wish to make marks on your lover’s skin. By the time you’re done playing around, they’ll have a series of little marks all over their body.

Another crop that you might want to consider is those with feather tips. These crops are an excellent choice for beginners. You can tickle your lover and see just how sensitive they are in certain areas of their body. Yet they can also be used as a traditional crop without providing much pain.