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Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope Black


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Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope in Black

Have you always wanted to bring Shibari into the bedroom? Popular as a Japanese form of BDSM, Shibari involves the intricate use of silk rope or silk to tie up a person. However, it isn’t as simple as tying someone up. Instead, Shibari involves the process of creating intricate patterns and designs on the person as they’re tied up. It’s considered a work of art by many. That’s something you can bring into the bedroom with this Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope.

An elegant black color, this Japanese silk rope is extremely comfortable on the skin. You can easily use it to restrain your partner’s ankles, wrists, or even try your hand at Shibari, yourself. The rope is comfortable but also durable. That makes it great for those who want to simply tie up their lover’s wrists or ankles. Yet it’s also great for those who want to Shibari to properly restrain their lover in an art-form.

This Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope is long enough to be used for a full-body harness or even just for wrapping around a lover’s ankles or wrists. You might even be able to tie up both with a single rope. Clean up of the rope is even easier. You can easily hand wash it by placing it in cool water with some detergent. The rope should be left to dry.

You can use the Fetish Fantasy Japanese Silk Rope for multiple purposes and as many times as you like with proper care of it. View our full selection of bondages.

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