Ankle Restraints

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Ankle Handcuffs

Are you keen to introduce a little roleplay into the bedroom, or are you a bona fide fan of bondage? If you’re on the lookout for ankle restraints, ankle handcuffs, or ties and love cuffs to either submit to your partner or assume control under the covers, you’ve come to the best place to buy bondage gear and sex accessories online.

Our tantalizing collection of ankle handcuffs and ankle restraints bondage is a thrilling experience that many couples like to enjoy in the bedroom. Whether you like to be dominated, or you prefer your partner to call the shots, we have a dazzling selection of ankle restraints, handcuffs, and sex toys and accessories to make sure your next bondage session is an unforgettable adventure. Our ankle restraints and ankle handcuffs come in a range of styles to cater for all preferences. Perhaps you enjoy the sensuality of silk ribbons or the feel of fur sex accessories on your skin, or maybe you’d prefer the option of being restrained with heavy-duty, leather ankle restraints or padded ankle handcuffs. Whatever your preference, rough or smooth, you can buy exactly what you’re looking for at Cupid’s Box.

We stock individual pairs of ankle restraints and ankle handcuffs, as well as bondage sets with multiple ties and restraints, bondage swings, and ropes. We have beginner’s kits for those keen to try light bondage, as well as bundles that will appeal to the more seasoned, intrepid dominant.

The best bondage gear online

If you and your partner enjoy tying each other up with ankle handcuffs, wrist cuffs or restraints, we have over 17,000 products to enchant, thrill and tease you. For fans of bondage, light or heavy, we have a vast range of paddles, whips, bondage toys for couples, sex toys for men, masks, and body harnesses to choose from. If you’re looking to take your sex life to the next level and introduce new toys or pleasure-seeking techniques, we’re the best online provider of sex toys for women, bondage gear and sex accessories.

Why choose Cupid’s Box?

At Cupid’s Box, we want to encourage you to have as much fun as possible between the sheets, and we offer an array of ankle restraints, bondage toys, ankle handcuffs and bondage gear to enable you to explore and live out your sexual fantasies. Whether you’re new to bondage, or you’re looking to buy new toys or accessories to add to an extensive collection, you’ve come to the best place to indulge your senses. If you’re looking to buy ankle restraints or ankle handcuffs online, we provide rapid shipping and we offer excellent standards of customer service. We understand that not everyone wants to shout about their new purchases from the rooftops, and we know that discretion is key. We provide discreet packaging and we don’t run pop-ups, so you can keep your purchases to yourself.

If you’ve seen something that tickles your fancy, order today, and you could be fulfilling your fantasies in just a few days.