Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration

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Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration

For those who have experienced the intense stimulation that the original Satisfyer Pro offered, you can rejoice. The Satisfyer Pro 2 is available now and comes with an even more intense experience for you to enjoy. Clitoral stimulation provides some of the most satisfying and intense orgasms a woman can experience. The Satisfyer Pro was designed to offer women an easy way to pleasure themselves through manipulation of their clit. The Satisfyer Pro 2 takes it a step further.

With an easy to use interface, all you need to do is press a button to turn the vibrator on. Then you can play with the different settings on another button to offer your clit a series of different vibrations and pulsations. What makes this vibrator stand apart from its predecessor and other vibrators is its ability to surround the clit as well as stimulate it. The Satisfyer Pro 2 gently cups around the clit and stimulates the nerves around it. Yet it also provides pulsations directly against your clit for an intense and encompassing sense of pleasure that you’re sure to find addictive.

Multiple orgasms are possible with the Satisfyer Pro 2. Whether you want to use it in bed or make sure of its waterproof abilities in the bathtub or hot tub, you’re sure to be delighted with what it has to offer.

Finally, keeping it charged has never been easier. All you need to do is attach the clitoral vibrator to the USB to charge its rechargeable battery.

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2 reviews for Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration

  1. Virginia

    Amazing! And my orgasms are far better than with any other type of stimulator. The only thing better is my spouse.

  2. Anonymous

    Omg, there are two setting to this baby. Vibration and like a kind of suction. Holy, when I tried the suction setting it had me off in minuets, plus I squirted which I have never done before. My husband loves this and we will definitely use this all the time!!!

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