Rouge Anaconda Padded Blindfold in Burgandy/Black


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Rouge Anaconda Padded Blindfold

For many couples looking to expand their horizons in the bedroom, sensory deprivation can be a great starting point. Instead of jumping immediately to choking, however, you should start small. The Rouge Anaconda Padded Blindfold can be that perfect first step into sensory deprivation. Not only does the anaconda skin make the blindfold look stylish and elegant, but it also makes it’s durable. The skin is tough and can be used for years without degrading.

This blindfold is also padded. It rests easily on the face and doesn’t make you feel as though you’re going to lose circulation in your head. The padding also helps keep the light out. Too often, other blindfolds don’t rest completely over the eyes. The bridge of your nose can disrupt how the blindfold rests on your face. This allows light to get in but also allows you to see what is happening.

That destroys the purpose of the blindfold in the first place. The Rouge Anaconda Padded Blindfold fixes that problem. The padding encompasses the face, so you won’t see any light or anything at all when wearing it.

Great for BDSM play, sensory play, or even just to use when sleeping, the blindfold looks elegant and feels great against your skin. It can also be part of other BDSM equipment with matching rogue Anaconda skin. You can create an entire theme to your playtimes.

Whether you want to enhance your play by experimenting with sensory deprivation or you’re taking your first steps into BDSM, a blindfold is part of anyone’s toolkit for a great time. This Rouge Anaconda Padded Blindfold shouldn’t be left out of your own.


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