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How to Use Ankle Restraints

ankle restraints

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Bondage can be intimidating — but it doesn’t have to be. Although defined as any type of erotic restraint, the word “bondage” usually conjures up images of complex rope work or elaborate devices. But beginners can enjoy bondage, too, and one of the simplest ways to do so is by learning how to use ankle restraints.

Ankle restraints, which range from silky sashes to metal cuffs, are a relatively easy way to explore bondage fantasies. Learn the basic foundations with our quick guide:

Choose beginner-friendly cuffs. If you’re a beginner, start with velcro-fastening cuffs, silky loop restraints or stretchy cuffs so you can get in and out easily. Buckle straps are also a good option, but hold off on getting that steel padlock until you’re more experienced.

Open up about your fantasies with your partner. Ankle restraints can be used in anything from light bondage to more extreme play. Even as a beginner, good bondage play relies on trust, respect, communication and empathy between partners. Talk about your likes and dislikes with your partner so you both understand what’s exciting and what’s a turnoff. Your conversations will unleash fantasies you might not have known before and will definitely deepen your intimacy.

Explore the different ways to fasten restraints. How you use your ankle restraints is limited only by your imagination: you can simply bind your partner’s ankles together, or explore other creative options, like cuffing two lovers together, attaching cuffs to the bed or using a spreader bar.

Be safe. Use your ankle restraints as directed (for example, don’t use them for suspension bondage). Give the restrained partner a way to clearly communicate if their foot or leg feels numb or painful. Finally, never leave anyone alone while they’re restrained.

You can bring ankle restraints into virtually any BDSM scene, from getting a submissive partner to do simple tasks while restrained to playing with sensory implements while your partner is cuffed to the bed and blindfolded. It’s all up to your erotic imagination.