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How to Use Feather Ticklers

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Feather Ticklers Are A Great Introduction To BDSM

If you’re dipping your toes into BDSM but don’t want to plunge in too deeply, feather ticklers ars a perfect place to start. Feather ticklers are easy to use and don’t require much special skill besides paying attention to your partner’s body and responses (which is essential for great sex anyway). Plus, they carry a very low risk of injury with a high sensory payoff.

To get the most out of using feather ticklers for the first time, read our brief guide on how to use them for intensely pleasurable play:

Set the mood. Feather ticklers are gentle and sensual, so you might want to set the mood with soft music and candles. But if hardcore is more your style, feather ticklers lend themselves well to a warm-up session before some serious kinky play. So set the mood however you want, as long as you’re relaxed and excited about what comes next.

Experiment with what your partner likes. Feather ticklers are an incredible way to explore a new frontier of sensation, especially if you’re experimenting with a kink for the first time. There’s no limit as long as your partner likes what you’re doing!

Start by gently holding the tickler’s grip and gently stroking your partner’s body with long, light strokes. Have them tell you what feels good. You can start focusing on areas that feel particularly pleasurable. Vary the length of your strokes and their intensity and notice how your partner responds. As you settle into a rhythm, you might find that even slow, gentle strokes elicit a shiver of ecstasy in your partner.

Incorporate other toys. You can have intensely pleasurable, sensual experiences with just a feather tickler and nothing more. But of course, that’s just the beginning. Consider your feather tickler just one more addition to your trove of toys! Experiment with the addition of nipple clamps, a favorite butt plug or vibrator, light bondage and any other kinky toy you can think of.

If you’re already ready for more, check out our feather ticklers and our extensive selection of kinky toys on Cupid’s Box today.