Top 4 Myths of Anal Sex

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Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have anal sex? Discussing anal sex at one time was unfathomable. It was taboo! And good old missionary seemed to suffice for the time being. Well now we are in a new age and it’s much more common that you may think. We are in the age of social media, YouTube, and any kind of porn at our fingertips, it’s much more acceptable; in fact, according a study over 43% of women have had anal sex. When anal sex piques one’s interest, they are likely to heed the advice of their trusted resource named google. When interviewing men and women about their experiences or lack thereof regarding anal sex, the same misconceptions and trading fears emerged. Let’s squash these fears to ease your mind and body into a new territory that can bring you exponential pleasure.

  1. Anal Sex Hurts Too Much – “No way am I putting that thing up there. Exit only.” Many individuals believe anal sex hurts and it will always hurt. They tend to base their assumption from a bad experience or never trying it at all. For some, it may be physically and mentally uncomfortable at first, therefore, it is important to talk to your partner. Communication is important if you’re trying anything new in the bedroom. Second, relax! Take deep breaths. Deep inhalations in your nose and out your mouth is known to naturally cause the body and mind to relax. Third go slow! Slow and steady wins the race when entering the backdoor for the first time. Lastly, use lots of lube. Since the anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina, it is important to use lots of lube, the more the better. If you’re still apprehensive about diving right into the backdoor deed, you may want to first dip your toe in the water. Try some finger play using the tip of your partner’s finger or thumb. The easiest way to do this is in the doggy style position. This will stimulate the nerve endings surrounding the booty allowing you to get familiar with beginning stages of booty pleasure. A sure way to add ‘sparks to your plug’ is to stimulate the clitoris with your fingers or a vibrator during the act. Foreplay is very important. I don’t recommend getting on all fours and immediately inserting the key in the door. Remember guys and dolls, you must preheat the oven before you put in the bread. If finger play works to your advantage try graduating to a small butt plug. There are basic butt plugs for beginners and others for the more adventurous such as those that vibrate and some even having a remote control leaving you in control. Again, start small to ease your way in. You don’t want to get turned off before having the chance to get turned on.
  2. I’m going to poop on him – Collectively, before engaging in anal sex most individuals think, am I going to poop on him? Since stool is in your colon which is beyond your anus and rectum, the likelihood of you having a full-blown accident on him is slim.
  3. I don’t need to use a condom – NO! In fact, a condom is very important. STI’s are more likely contracted through anal sex due to the thin delicate skin surrounding the anus, therefore it is easier to contract STI’s like chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, HIV, herpes etc. According to an article found on individuals are 18 times more likely to be at risk for contracting an STI such as HIV from having unprotected anal sex as opposed to vaginal sex. Just be sure to take precaution especially if you’re not with a trusted partner. If you and your partner prefer not to use condoms for vaginal sex, it may still be a good idea to use a condom for anal sex. The post sex clean-up is easy, and he will be protected from a bacterial infection. And remember NEVER go from the backdoor to the front door with or without a condom.
  4. I will have to poop, or I will have diarrhea afterwards -While your anus is a bit more dilated from anal sex that doesn’t mean you will necessarily have stimulated the colon which will create diarrhea. What you can expect, is the lube exiting the anus which may look and feel like it. If you do poop afterwards what’s the big deal, you’ve already done the deed!

Listen ladies and gents, anal sex is not for the faint of heart, but it’s not just for bleached booty porn stars either. You must be comfortable, and you have to relax for you to enjoy. If you’re still apprehensive about doing the deed, try a dry run using a sex toy or an anal sex toy. Remember, be sure to stimulate the clitoris during your dry run so the likelihood of reaching your orgasmic destination will be higher and you will be more relaxed.