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The Most Comfortable Types Of Handcuffs For Foreplay And Sex

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When considering any kind of restraint or bondage with a partner the first and most important aspects are safety and comfort. Making sure the handcuffs are not too tight or too loose can change how they make contact with the wrists. Some people enjoy a little more pressure while others only want the foreplay. Luckily handcuffs come in so many shapes and sizes that there are plenty of options available for each type of foreplay or preference. Many can be found at adult sex stores online. Here are some tips and facts to help you find a comfortable pair of handcuffs. 

Standard Metal Handcuffs

These are everyone’s first thought when they think about bringing handcuffs into the bedroom. A basic metal cuff resembles law enforcement handcuffs. They usually have a quick release for safety reasons but include a key to make the fantasy more realistic. This type of handcuff is great for any type of law enforcement roleplaying. The cuffs are adjustable for comfort. 

The downside is their material. If the cuff wearer has any actual restraint to the cuffs it will impress on their skin. This often leads to red marks or pain from the pressure of the metal. You can opt not to restrain and spare your wrists, but the choice is up to the wearer. 

Adjustable Buckle Leather Cuffs

On the comfort scale, these are better options than the metal cuffs. They are thicker bands made from vegan leather. This alleviates the pressure that the metal cuffs create. This style of cuffs are tightened by a buckle. That means they will fit snug against the skin. There is no chance of it digging into skin or sliding around unless they are not secured properly. A properly tightened cuff offers more freedom to restrain against the cuff without harming the skin underneath. 

The only con to these cuffs is that they are more difficult to self-release. Their style may be intimidating initially but in the end, they offer more comfort for endless fun

Fuzzy Metal Cuffs

The fake fur or feathers added to metal cuffs both increase the style of the cuff and the comfort. This places a soft material between the metal and the skin. It reduces the chances of metal digging into the skin. These are great for people who love the idea of handcuffs but don’t want to have their skin affected. They work similarly to regular cuffs for their adjustment and release mechanisms. 

No matter what cuff you find comfortable, ensure that the wearer is comfortable with the restrain, and check out other bondage sex toys at Cupid’s Box.