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Sex Toys to Use on Him

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Boys shouldn’t be left out of the fun when it comes to playing with toys. If you truly want to delight your male partner, then using a toy on him could blow his mind. Here are a few adult toys for men from Cupid’s Box that we believe will bring a whole new level of pleasure to your loved one.

  1. Power Wand Cock Teaser

Perhaps you have a power wand massager. You understand just how powerful pleasure can become when you use it. Why not offer your lover the same level of satisfaction? You can find a cock teaser attachment that easily slips onto the top of your power wand on Cupid’s Box.

When you turn the massager on, your lover won’t know what hit him when he feels intense vibrations surrounding every inch of him. Just be careful he doesn’t steal your toy away.

  1. Oral Massager

Another great toy that you can use on him is an oral massager. These are tight sleeves in the shape of a mouth. If your lover enjoys receiving oral, then this toy could be the perfect purchase for him. There are plenty of different styles, colors, and features on Cupid’s Box.

He may enjoy the extremely tight sleeves, or he might prefer a more realistic sleeve. Experiment with them all to find the one that brings him easily to orgasm.

  1. Pussy/Anal Massager

Like the oral massager, you can also find sleeves that are shaped like vaginas or asses. These also come in various colors and styles. Some even use intricate designs on the inside of the sleeve to give him an experience with different textures. It’s sure to drive him wild.

  1. Prostate Massager

While your lover may not immediately be on board with the idea of a prostate massager, they can really increase their pleasure to the max. Similar to a woman’s g-spot, the prostate is capable of unleashing ridiculous amounts of pleasure. There are plenty of different massagers on Cupid’s Box from which to select.

For beginners, there is easy to operate and use massagers. For those who have experimented before and loved it, then there are more advanced massagers that can offer other stimulating effects as well. Some might include a pump or different, tantalizing, textures.

Couple the prostate massager with another toy, and you’ll have your lover on his knees.

Experiment with Pride

At Cupid’s Box, we pride ourselves on providing affordable toys for both men and women. Try these different toys today on your man and watch as you rock his world.