Oil Based Lubricant

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Best Sex Lubricating Oil

Oil lubricants are a specific type of sex lubricant that uses oil as a base. Oil lubricants and sex lubricating oils offer a slightly different experience to water-based or silicone-based products.

Feel Less Inhibited In The Bedroom

If you’re worried about vaginal dryness, then oil lubricants could be just the thing you need to help you feel less inhibited and enjoy the experience with your partner. Oil lubricants are long-lasting and don’t tend to dry out quickly, providing one of the best ways to increase your wetness “down there.”

Many people also worry about discomfort or soreness during or after intercourse. Sex lubricating oils help to dramatically reduce friction while at the same time, enhancing pleasure. Oil lubricants could be the best addition to your sex life that you ever made, not only reducing the fear or post-sex discomfort but also increasing satisfaction for you and your partner.

Lubricate Your Sex Toys

Oil lubricants are a great way to enhance pleasure from both sex toys for women and sex toys for men. In fact, sex lubricants are ideal for practically all sex accessories.

Couples can enjoy sex lubricating oils for their toys together, or play solo: the choice is yours. An oil-based lubricant could be the perfect complement to your sex toy.

Body-Safe Formulations

At Cupid’s Box, we take sexual health very seriously. That’s why we only supply the best body-safe oil lubricants, suitable for both internal and external use. Our sex lubricants and oil-based lubricants reduce friction and create a natural, slippery feel, improving intimacy between you and your partner.

Get A Range Of Lubes For Your Specific Needs

Not all oil lubricants are the same. We offer a range of lubes, each of which provides a slightly different feel or sensation. Many of our oil lubricants contain lots of natural oils, like seed oils, all infused with silicone to render them body-safe. These oils behave very much massage oils, not only enhancing pleasure but also leaving your skin feeling naturally soft.

Other lubricants come with a creamy formulation. Creams are still oil-based, but they feel lighter than traditional sex lubricating oils, leaving less residue.

For all of our products, you can find out how and when to use them. Some of our products are ideal for use with polyurethane condoms, while others shouldn’t be used in combination with latex products. Check the description below each of our oil lubricants to find out which is suitable for you.

Start Experiencing The Benefits Of Oil-Based Lubricants Today

Do you want to enhance pleasure in the bedroom?

Would you like to feel less inhibited with your partner?

Do you want to start experimenting more as a couple? If so, then sex lubricants might be just the thing you need. We offer the best sex lubricating oils on the market, perfect for experimenting with new forms of intercourse and playing with sex toys, whether together or alone.

Check out our incredible range of oil-based and gel lubricants and start experiencing new forms of sexual pleasure today.