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Best Kinky Handcuffs Online

For many couples, their first venture into bondage and BDSM toys is with the use of handcuffs. As long as you don’t misplace the key, handcuffs are an extremely easy method for restraining your lover. You can restrain their wrists together or even get creative and have them restrained around a bedpost.

Fuzzy, Kinky & Sex Handcuffs for Your Next Adventure

There are a few different types of handcuffs that you might want to consider if you’re thinking about bringing a pair of handcuffs into the bedroom. The first is material. For extreme comfort, you might want to think about using fluffy handcuffs. These are metal cuffs, usually, that have the wrists layered with fluff. It makes for a comfortable experience for your lover no matter how long they’re in the cuffs for.

Handcuffs For Couples

Yet for some couples, they want as realistic an experience as possible. For those couples, you might want to try the good ole fashioned metal handcuffs. Whether you want to stick with the sheen of metal or go with a colored metal for your handcuffs, the customization is entirely up to you. However, the colored handcuffs can offer a bit of fun in the bedroom when matching with certain lingerie outfits.

A classic bedroom toy many people think of when it comes to bondage and partner play is handcuffs. Handcuffs are a perfect sex toy for those just starting out and want to explore their wild side a bit more, but they’re also great for those who are experienced players.

At Cupid’s Box, we have a large selection of sex handcuffs. From classic metal cuffs to fuzzy handcuffs, we have something for everyone to use.

Fuzzy handcuffs are great for beginners. The fur makes the handcuffs have more padding and in turn, makes them more comfortable. Fuzzy handcuffs are way softer than metal cuffs and they’re less likely to leave marks on your wrists when you’re done using them.

Our metal handcuffs are great for those who like the pain aspect of BDSM. Metal handcuffs are much colder when you put them on, and they’re more likely to leave marks if you’ve been using them for a long time.

Our sex handcuffs all come with keys to unlock them when you’re done using them. A fun thing to do with your keys while you’re using the handcuffs is to hide them from your partner. It adds to the suspense and excitement of it all.

Our sex handcuffs come in different styles and colors to match everyone’s preferences. If you’re just getting into handcuff play, we recommend going with the fuzzy handcuffs first to get used to the sensation, and then when you think you’re ready, try out the metal cuffs.

If you’re looking for the best sex handcuffs on the market, check out our affordable selection. You’ll be sure to have fun in the bedroom when you introduce our sex handcuffs.

Handcuffs are easy to take care of and usually durable. A simple cleaning can be done after each session of play by wiping them down with antibacterial. Fluffy cuffs may be a bit more difficult to clean. In terms of durability, metal handcuffs and other cuffs that are formed as one entire piece are the strongest. If your partner tends to wiggle a lot and fight against their restraints, then you want a pair of cuffs that can survive their struggling.