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Pleasure Coupons Can Make The Perfect Gifts For A Fun-Loving Couple

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Whether you are a couple on a budget or have been together forever and just want a fun new gift to use together, pleasure coupons make a great gift for you and your partner. 

What Is A Pleasure Coupon? 

Pleasure coupons are an affordable and fun way to spice up your intimacy. Like any store coupon, it has an item or sometimes an action that can be cashed in. The idea of the coupon is that the gift giver not only offers their partner these coupons but the idea that they can be “cashed in” whenever the coupon holder desires. This can strike up spontaneous moments as partners, that lead to new intimate pleasures. Pleasure coupons can be found at your favorite adult sex shop, or homemade depending on your own creativity and desires. 

What Kind Of Pleasure Coupons Are There?

If you are creating your own homemade coupons, the possibilities are endless. However, if you want your coupons to look more official or want coupons with exciting surprises, consider buying a pack from a discrete sex shop. 

There are multiple types of packs to choose from. They often vary from For Him, For Her, For Us, Fantasies, Positions, and Blowjobs. Each pack has several coupons in it that have various acts and favors to enjoy together. The variety of coupon types makes it easy to give your partner a pleasure pack that fits their desires. 

When Should I Gift Pleasure Coupons?

Pleasure coupons are a great gift for anniversaries, birthdays, and gift-giving holidays. They are great to stick in with a card or small gift. Or just a small gesture that you want to be close and intimate with your partner. Not only does it offer your partner the ability to initiate the pleasure, but it can also allow them to enjoy extra pampering or attention from you as part of the gift. 

Pleasure Coupons Are A Great Way To Try Something New

Pleasure coupons are a way to enhance your intimacy with your partner. The randomness of the coupons helps couples switch up their sex life. It provides an inexpensive way to have a change of pace without the extra cost or pressure.

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