How to Use Penis Extensions

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Penis extensions are the hidden gems of the sex toy world. Once you know how to use them, penis extensions are treasure troves of pleasure and excitement for both partners.

Penis extensions shouldn’t be confused with penis extenders, which are medical devices designed to physically change the length of a penis. Instead, penis extensions (also called penis sleeves) are hollow toys that you strap on to your penis to increase its girth and width. Penis extensions help you last longer during sex while giving your partner powerful g-spot or p-spot orgasms.

Learn just how easy it is to use a penis extension with our guide:

  • Use lubricant. Lubricate your member before using your penis extension toy to make wearing it more comfortable. Since you’re using the penis extension with a partner, use a generous amount of lube on the extension itself.
  • Put on the extension. It’s as easy to learn how to put on a penis extension as it is to use one. Extensions with a loop at the end slip around your testicles, securing the extension in place. If your penis extension is a strap-on, loop the straps around your body for a comfortable fit.
  • Enjoy your new superpowers. Penis extensions increase your width and girth, making you a super powered version of yourself. Since you’ll experience less intense sensation, this means your partner can enjoy deeper thrusts for longer, giving your partner as many powerful orgasms as they can take.

Once you find the right penis extension for you and learn how to use it, you and your partner will be on your way to orgasm heaven. Start the search for your new toy right here at Cupid’s Box. We have a variety of penis extensions for sale online. One of our top sellers is the Size Matters Penis Extension for just $38.99!