How to Use G-Spot Vibrators

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G-spot orgasms are the height of pleasure for anyone with a vagina. The g-spot is a small, spongy area of the vagina, and when stimulated it leads to powerful, full-body orgasms. Nothing can help you reach g-spot orgasms like learning how to use a g-spot vibrator.

There are as many g-spot vibrators as there are ways to use them. Learn how to find the right g-spot vibrator and have mind-blowing g-spot orgasms with our easy guide:

Choose your vibe. If you’re a beginner, choose a silicone vibrator, which feels the most like skin and is easiest to manipulate. If you like intense sensations, consider a g-spot vibe that has multiple vibration speeds or a rabbit vibe shape for added clitoral stimulation.

Find your g-spot. Your g-spot is located on your upper vagina wall, about 2 inches from the opening. Get aroused, then find your g-spot by inserting a finger and pulling it back out in a “come hither” motion. You’ll feel a small, spongy area that’s extra sensitive: That’s your g-spot.

Start experimenting. Set yourself up with your new toy and some lube, and you’re ready to experiment with how to use your g-spot vibrator. Start with light, slow thrusts, angling towards your g-spot with the vibrator’s curved tip. Gradually increase the pressure and speed until you find the perfect rhythm that brings you to climax.

Add more to the mix. Once you know how to use your vibrator to give yourself a g-spot orgasm, start combining them with clitorial vibrators for even more intense climaxes. You can also bring your new toy along to date night and teach your partner how to use your g-spot vibe on you.

G-spot vibrators are the perfect addition to any experienced sex toy lover’s collection. If you’re looking for your next favorite sex toy, browse our online collection or visit our blog for more sex toy tips.