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How To Introduce Sex Toys Into The Bedroom With Your Partner

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Have you said or heard these words in the bedroom?

  • A little to the left or right
  • Faster
  • Harder
  • Hold on or wait
  • Don’t cum yet
  • I’m almost there
  • That sucked
  • Now what?

If these sound familiar, it is time to spice it up between the sheets with some sex toys.

Did you ever think about trying something new in the bedroom with your partner but not sure how to bring it up?  The last thing you want to do is make him feel inadequate.  You don’t want him to feel as though he’s not big enough, long enough, strong enough even hard enough, and you certainly don’t want to insult his libido or stamina.   A recent study shows 52% of couples use sex toys.  My question is what about the other 48%? If you’re ready for some ways to spice up your sex life, then here are a few suggestions on how to do so before whipping out your 12 inch secret weapon when he’s not expecting it.

  1. Communication

If you have ever been in therapy of any kind most therapists will tell you Communication is key! That holds true about communication in all facets of relationships including the bedroom.  So ‘Let’s talk about sex baby!’ In my research, many women do not tell their partner they want to add some excitement in the bedroom due to fear of hurting their feelings. Sometimes in relationship it is easier to talk to your partner about buying a house, a car, the kids, the future.  However, talking about your sexual desires is just as important to keep your relationship fun, sexy, and alive.  If you’re just embarrassed or nervous then get over your fear girl and let the exploration begin; believe me you’ll be happy you did. Remember… honesty is the best policy (in a loving and caring way of course—and don’t bring up size)

  1. Start small

Remember ladies, bigger isn’t always better.  Instead of introducing a 10 inch dildo that vibrates at 10 different speeds, twists and turns like a mmmmm, and makes you cum quicker than you can clench the sheets and scream out “yes yes yes!” then start with something small.  A magic bullet or a is a perfect toy to ease your man and yourself into the new world of sex toys.  This will alleviate your partners feeling of inadequacy. If he is still unsure ask him if he’d like to watch first.  We as humans tend to very visual and if he sees you in a state of ecstasy he will surely want to jump in.

  1. Comfortable

Being comfortable is pertinent to all relationships. You don’t have to begin your sexual expedition all Fifty Shades of Gray as much as we’d sometimes like to. Be comfortable with yourself; be comfortable with your partner. Get comfortable and begin exploring even more…Just be yourself and include him in your pleasure seeking path.

Just remember the key to bringing anything new into the bedroom is about you sharing the most natural and highest level of euphoria that humans experience as openly as possible.  At the end of the your sex session you and him will be begging for more!