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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

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Would you ever consider buying sex toys for gifts? You wouldn’t be able to hand them off to just anyone on your list, but they make the perfect gift for the “nice” partner that doesn’t mind being on the naughty list every so often. And, if you think they make silly gifts, perhaps you should give one of the items on this list a test drive and see if you change your mind. There are many options out there to choose from, and there are even special toys that you and your partner can play with together. Here are some of the best items out now:

For Him

1. Penis Masturbator

For intense pleasuring, even by yourself, or with your intimate partner, this toy is quite immersive. It is the equivalent of the clitoral vibrators that many of us have known about for years, and it boasts a similar amount of power. And, you can even wear it during anal or vaginal sex to excite your partner, if you want to share the experience.

2. Cock Rings

In the same way, you can slip a vibrating cock ring onto the penis of your partner using lubricant. Pull it all the way down to the base and see the effect that it will have on your lover’s erection. It will stay harder, and do so for long periods. That means this device gives both partners more pleasure.

For Her

1. Clit Suckers

These devices are the latest and most advanced clitoral stimulants to come about in decades. They arouse the clitoris using sonic pulses and waves to turn you on in ways that you could never even imagine. And, the harder it is pressed against the organ, the more power is released. So, whether you pleasure yourself in private, or invite your partner to tease you with your new toy, you are guaranteed to finish with a glorious climax.

2. Vibrating Panties

These naughty Vibrating Panties give you the pulsating stimulation needed to get you in the mood for some alone time with your lover, or, if you wish, they can give you a thrill all your own.

For Everyone

1. Flavored Lubricants

Whether you decide on tangerine, blueberry, green apple, strawberry, or peach, these fragrant lubes that are used to penetrate vaginas and bums with penises, strap-ons, and fingers alike, are also edible. That means you can suck and lick it from your lover’s various body parts with ease while performing cunnilingus or fellatio, or you can simply massage your partner all over in the self-warming lube.

2. Butt Plugs and Anal Beads

Whether your partner has a vagina or a penis, everyone can enjoy the intense feeling achieved by inserting a vibrating butt plug or string of anal beads into their bums. You should just wait until you feel like you are about to orgasm, and then pull them out slowly, resulting in a wave of delightful pleasure. Some of these items are even as long as four inches, and some may operate at as many as three different speeds.

In conclusion, there is no shame in the game of giving your partner what he, she, or they want for the holidays, so peruse our inventory at Cupid’s Box today. Sharing sexy toys and games with your partner is a beautiful, intimate thing that will bring you closer. And, even if you choose to explore your own body, you should remember that even sexual self-care is important, and learning what turns you on will make you become a better lover. Check out our online store today!