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Everything You Need to Know Before Buying and Installing a Sex Swing

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Choosing the right adult products and sex toys can be a slightly intimidating endeavor, especially if you’ve never purchased anything like this before. To confidently choose a sex swing that’s built for safety and maximizing pleasure, there are a few things you should take into consideration.    


A good product has a longer lifespan. It’s manufactured with the intended use in mind and can handle movement. Take how you plan on using it mind. Will you need something built in a way that can handle suspension? Some work with the hands/wrists, some comfortable work for the feet/ankles as well.  

Physical Comfort

Swings come in different shapes and sizes to allow for different positions, and to be accessible for different body types. Some sex swings may not be comfortable to use, and while this is appealing to some there’s a stark difference between consensual pain and an unsafe product.  Take things such as body shape, weight, and comfort level into account when weighing your options. If you have a health concern that can be worsened by restricted blood flow, you want to look for a swing that has a wider chair and wider bands. As a general rule of thumb, the more padding a swing has, the more comfortable it is. And remember that what works for you and your current partner(s) may not work for future partners(s) so opt for one with adjustable straps.


Where are you going to install it? Do you need to make any alterations or accommodations to this space? If you don’t own your primary residence, will the building owner permit you to drill holes in the ceiling? If you’re unsure you can ask, but we understand if you don’t feel comfortable having that conversation, in which case be prepared to find an alternative.

Emotional Comfort

Above all, make sure that all consenting parties are comfortable using a sex swing. If a sex swing isn’t something you’re ready for, voice your concerns to your sexual partner(s). Perhaps your partner(s) have more experience than you do, which can either be a source of comfort or cause some performance anxiety. You may need to create a safe word if you don’t already have one. The first step in deciding to buy adult products is whether or not you are comfortable using them. If you feel ready to explore though, read some reviews to find a sex shop online that carries safe to use, reliable, pleasure enhancing adult products.