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Awaken The Senses With These Great Products

Awaken The Senses With These Great Products

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Your five senses — touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing — can influence your sex life. It’d be challenging for you to create or experience arousal and enjoy sex if you couldn’t touch, see, or smell.

To fully enhance the experience and have fun doing it, you and your partner must strive to awaken all of your senses. The more sensitive your senses are during sex, the more exciting it can get.

Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch to awaken your senses. You can now buy countless products from the best online sex toy store to help you accomplish this task.

These products can effectively awaken different senses in the body:

Touch or Tickle

As lightweight as they are, using feather ticklers is a great way to awaken your sense of touch. Feather ticklers are a must for sensation play as you can brush them over the skin using varying degrees of pressure. This will trigger or tickle your partner’s sensory pathways.

If your partner has a tickle fetish, use the Pico Bong Feather Teasers Pink on their body’s most delicate areas, such as the side of the torso and the feet. You’d be surprised how feather ticklers keep your partner hooked!

Taste or Edible

Your sense of taste influences your sex life.

Fortunately, you can now use body pens to awaken each other’s sense of taste. Using Play Pens Edible Body Pens will surely excite you and your partner to kiss (or taste) each other’s bodies as these come in many different flavors, such as dark or milk chocolate.


One of the easiest yet most effective ways to awaken your sense of smell is to lighten sensual candles in the bedroom.

So, the next time you and your partner decide to have sex, make sure to light up a tin of Massage Candle Island Passion. This candle will surely put both of you in the mood for sex!


What you see in the bedroom can make or break your mood. This is one of the reasons why a lot of couples prefer mood lighting, so they can enjoy the physical attributes of their partners without overwhelming brightness.

Another way to awaken your sense of sight is to use visually appealing sex toy kits, like the Sexy Slave Kit Red. The inclusions of this set will make your eyes happy and your sexual thirst quenched.


For most people, sound can have an impact on their mood. Whether it’s a special album to set the mood or the perfect playlist for foreplay, adding music can awaken the sense and break the silence.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment

There are many ways to awaken your senses. You can find a handful of sex toys designed to awaken specific senses in the body to ensure that you and your partner enjoy being intimate.

To keep the excitement high, strive to experiment using different sex toys from Cupid’s Box. You can visit our website today!