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A Couples’ Guide To Vibrators

A Couples’ Guide To Vibrators

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Gone are the days when vibrators were only meant for solo pleasure. Nowadays, the market is also open for couples who are trying to mix things up and explore each other’s sexuality. Spicing things with couples’ toys up is one of the ingredients for a healthy relationship — and we’ll guide you on how to do that. 

Different Types of Vibrators for Couples

There is no rule on which vibrator a couple should use. It all depends on the positions and techniques you both enjoy. 

Here are some of the types of fun and new vibrator options you can use with your partner:  

Phallic-Shaped Vibrators

For most people, nothing beats the classic. This type usually comes in many sizes and is designed to be inserted for internal stimulation. Its tapered tip is designed for easy access and is better used with lubricant. 

Wearable Vibrators

Wearable vibrators are perfect for couples who like to multitask. These products add extra excitement by letting the partner take control and go hands-free while adding extra stimulation.

This type of vibrator can elevate one’s sexual experience by establishing a deeper connection with their partner. 

Massage Wand

This product is great for couples on the go since it can be easily disguised as either a microphone or a mini neck massager. While it looks like a typical vibrator, it produces the most intense vibrations for mind-blowing waves of pleasure. 

Massage wands are broad and long enough to reach those perfect spots and hard-to-find places. Plus, it can please our partner’s bodies for longer. If you want to give your partner intense or perhaps multiple layers of pleasure, this one will do the job right. 

Nurturing Intimacy Through Vibrators

The taboos surrounding the use of sex toys within relationships are now starting to disappear into thin air. Couples are starting to recognize the positive impacts of these toys, especially vibrators, in nurturing a healthy sexual and emotional relationship. 

How do vibrators help couples become more intimate? 

Through Open Communication

Discussing the incorporation of sex toys into a relationship can be pretty exciting. It takes trust and confidence for one to discuss something as intimate as using a vibrator. Thus, these conversations can strengthen relationships and foster healthy communication between couples. 

Novelty and Excitement

Sometimes, sex can become more of a routine than a pleasurable experience. This is especially true if couples perform monotonous sex regularly just to reach an orgasm. Incorporating a vibrator into their once repetitive sex can also help them learn more positions and feel new sensations. 

Builds Confidence

Other couples have strained sexual relationships due to performance anxiety. Couples who are too focused on pleasuring their partners tend to forget about themselves during the deed. A vibrator helps both explore more techniques without the sex being one-sided. 

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