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5 Ways To Use Restraints In The Bedroom

5 Ways To Use Restraints In The Bedroom

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Couples sometimes find pleasure in seeing their partner tied or restrained. While being restrained is a thrilling experience, you will need the necessary toys to truly live out your fantasies. There are plenty of restraints for you to choose from such as ropes, sashes, and handcuffs, all of which you can find in our online store. Here are just a few ways where restraints can be used in the bedroom.

Gentle Bondage

One kind of restraint that you can buy if you’re looking to get started with bondage is soft fabrics such as silk. These can take the form of ties or you can even buy fuzzy cuffs for the wrists or ankles. A bind restraint is the best option if you’re looking for something a bit more gentle on your partner, while lace and satin can provide a more sensual experience. Other options include sashes made of other materials.


If you’re into role-playing and want to experience more intense forms of bondage, you can find plenty of choices in this category. No matter what your fantasies are, you can use bondage bars, spreader bars, ball cages, gags, and more to help you play out all the roles you can think of. These kinds of restraints are a great way to role-play and an added blindfold will further enhance the experience.

Bed Restraints

With bed restraints, you can turn any size bed into a place of pleasure. Bed restraints are designed to fit well beneath a mattress or into the frame without using any hooks. With it, you can restrain your partner’s arms, legs, or both from the sides or even at the top or bottom of your bed. These kits include four restraints straps as well as cuffs to keep your partner securely in place.

Hands & Feet

Cuffs are a great addition to any restraint collection, whether you plan to use them on wrists, ankles, or both. While rope can take a bit of learning before you can properly use it, cuffs are quick and easy to use. There are plenty of cuffs in various kinds and colors, with different materials too, such as leather, nylon, and metal. Other kinds of restraints to use on hands and feet include hogties which can provide your partner with access to all intimate areas.

& More

There are plenty of other restraints that you can use with your partner, with the most basic being a rope. This classic form of restraint allows you to get the fun and enjoyment you want without spending much at all. This toy restraint is durable and is hard to break, and can be made from various kinds of materials. Be sure to opt for soft fabrics to limit the chances of getting blisters on the skin when using them.

The Best Restraints in Cupid’s Box

If you’re looking for the top bondage and BDSM rope restraint products, be sure to browse through our collection at Cupid’s Box, where we carry a wide selection. No matter how you want to play, we have an option you’ll love. You can learn more by visiting our discreet sex store online today.