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5 Top Sex Toy Trends for 2021

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While there’s nothing wrong with sticking to tried-and-tested staples, it definitely worthwhile to try new sex toys to bring more excitement and passion into the bedroom.

This year, sex toys are getting more and more high-tech. From app-enabled remote vibrators to USB-rechargeable plugs, tech-enabled sex toys are quickly making their rounds. If you’re wondering which sex toy can help spice up your pleasure, here are some of the biggest trends in sex toys and accessories in 2021:

1.   Bendable Toys

Getting a toy to hit the right spot can be tough. Bendable toys make it easier to take your pleasure to the next level.

Our David silicone dildo, for instance, is easily adjustable and can hold its position perfectly to target all your erogenous zones. It has a smooth and silky texture that’s perfect for playing solo or with a partner.

2.   Suction Toys

Suction toys that offer clitoral stimulation and can be a game-changer. These sex toys target the nerve endings using a pulsing or suction effect.

The Sensuelle Trinitii Suction Tongue U-viol, for example, offers a customizable way to awaken your sense.

3.   USB-Rechargeable Toys

Most of the sex toys available in the market today are USB-rechargeable. Not only do you have fewer batteries to throw out (which is awesome for the environment), you can also enjoy longer intimate moments since these toys are stronger and better quality than the battery-operated ones.

One of our top USB-rechargeable toys is the Threesome Rock N Grind Silicone Vibrator. This is a premier addition to any toy collection with its multi-speed and multi-function features.

4.   App-Operated Remote Toys

App-controlled toys really made their mark last year due to social distancing requirements. Couples get a safer, long-distance way to provide physical stimulation and build intimacy.

The We-Vibe Chorus Couples Vibrator is one of the leading products in the market. It’s a hands-free vibrator that comes with a free app, so you can let anyone control the vibrations wherever they may be.

5.   Better Design Aesthetics

Sex toys are not just becoming more technologically advanced, they’re also becoming more aesthetically pleasing.

There are vibrators in the market today that camouflage as everyday products. This Hide and Play Lipstick vibrator, for example, is compact and very discreet as it looks exactly like another lipstick bullet.


Big changes in the sex toy industry are making it more exciting to browse and buy products that can give you an unforgettable experience. The trends listed above are just some of many cutting-edge developments this year. It’s definitely worth checking them out to find something that you and your partner both love.