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5 Simple Sex Toys that Offer Different Stimulations

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Sex is all about building suitable systems that can stimulate your body and get you in the mood. However, there are times when penetrative sex alone might not do it for you just as well. Sometimes, you need to stimulate your body to get the right feeling going effectively.

Here, we look at some adult sex toys that can help with that:

Tickle or Teaser

The teaser toy does essentially what you would expect — it builds the sensation and gets you in the mood for sex. For optimal foreplay, teaser toys can be pretty effective. You can use it on your partner and help them build their appetite for sex, and you can both capitalize on that for other forms of play.

The teaser toy is especially effective when it comes to building that mood. Sometimes, a person could need adequate foreplay to arouse them and get them ready for sex. In that case, a product like the Intense Clit Teaser Kit can come in handy.


When it comes to sex toys, hardly does anything come close to the vibrator. These nifty little guys have become regulars in many bedrooms — for men and women, single or with a partner

A vibrator essentially helps with stimulating your pleasure points. It is especially great for women in the absence of a partner, you could find that a vibrator is most effective. Tools like the Lush Lexi G-Spot Vibrator even come with rechargeable batteries and waterproof bodies so that you can use them anywhere. 

If you are looking for a vibrator more designed for men, a vibrating cock ring can provide that extra sensual pleasure you have been looking for. 

Sensational Lubes

A lot of people are beginning to learn more about sexual lubricants and appreciate them these days. With the right lube, you can create a sensation that is second to none.

Most experts will recommend that you get silicone-based lubricant. Products like the After Dark Essential Silicone Based Lubricant can last longer and eliminate any form of dryness. With your bodies slipping and gyrating seamlessly, it creates nothing short of magic.

Butt Plugs

Several pleasure points can be reached with a butt plug. It just takes a little bit of exploring to find the perfect stimulation.

Products like the B Yours Butt Plug can easily get into the deepest areas of your anus and stimulate the muscles and nerves there. If you’ve never had butt play, you might want to consider it.

Light Bondage

To be fair, bondage gets a bit of a bad wrap from most people. However, thanks to movies and better awareness, it’s beginning to seem more manageable. People use bondage to live out some of their kinks and fantasies. If you’re looking to spice up things in the bedroom, you could try some light bondage and see how it makes you feel. From there’s, it’s pretty easy to try other, more advanced forms of play.

Bondage tools like the Weekend in Bed Bondage Play Kit come with everything you need to get started.