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5 Incredible Sex Toys for Couples

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Time and time again a popular topic people want to read about when they know we write about sex is “What are the best sex toys for couples?”  Since everyone has a preference on what fuels their desires in the bedroom, we’ve narrowed down the Top 5 sex toys for couples that will bring you and your partner on a journey of leg trembling, toe curling pleasure that will leave you begging for more.  If you are new to the sex toy game, then buckle up buttercup, it’s going to be a thrilling ride you won’t regret.  For those experts whom have experience, you may want to up the ante, perhaps by finally turning your fantasies and fetishes into reality.

As for us at Cupid’s Box, at first, we thought about interviewing sex therapists, researching articles, but we wanted to hear from real people with real experience, not just those who’ve studied the topic.  After team meetings and collaborations, we finally got it! We wanted to hear from the most reliable sources.  The ones most important to us, right at our fingertips.  Yep, you guessed it, our amazing and supportive customers…you. Who better to tell us the truth then the people using our products.  Our demographic ranges from all shapes and sizes.  From couples to singles; to those beginning relationships; to those just married; to men and women; to gay and straight; to those looking for hook ups, and relationships…those who’ve  been together for decades looking for something different to stimulate their sexual appetite.

Typically, there’s a means to an end in sex right?  It’s not rocket science, it’s to have an orgasm.  Most people want to have one during sex, especially women.  The truth is, the younger we are, the more we want to have, and the older we are, well, we just WANT to have.  “Maybe get creative and change the routine in the bedroom” one interviewee named “Jane” candidly responding to my questions at a popular coffee shop.  Although Jane was speaking in a soft whisper almost as she was in a confidential meeting with the CIA, almost contradicting her colorful and open conversing about her sex about her husband of 25 years.  I loved every minute and welcomed it as she was giving me great feedback and she was hilarious.  We discussed all sorts of topics and Jane, 50 years old was not shy.  “We have a pretty good sex life.  He knows what I like, I know what he likes, the problem is we’ve been using the same toy for years now …if I was an octopus, ya know with 8 hands, because I could hold one here, I could hold one there, and there….I would be happiest woman in the world, but I just don’t have enough hands and he’s just not that nimble anymore” Her quiet snicker transformed into an uncontrollable cackle that was not only endearing, but contagious.  At that point, I could hold back my laughter no longer.  So we laughed over lattes until our stomach muscles ached and eyes were tearing.

A few days later, I met (let’s call her) Allison, 29.  She was the sweetest girl.  She just started a relationship and they were hot and heavy in the bedroom.  She struggled with having an orgasm as she always did.  By herself, she got off no problem, but with a partner it was much more difficult.  The first questions I asked was if she used sex toys in the bedroom?  Her big beautiful eyes shockingly widened and said “Oh my God no!  I just use my bullet by myself.”  I asked her why and she explained her discomfort with bringing it up and how she didn’t want to make him feel inadequate or bad.  I gave her some advice!

One month later I caught up with Jane and Allison and their lives were changed.  Not only had they’ve been busy in the bedroom, they were now what they called themselves VIP members of Cupid’s Box, which sprung up some ideas at our corporate office (Thanks Jane and Allison).  Jane and her husband took my suggestion and spiced it up a bit in the bedroom with sex toys for couples. And Allison went home the day we talked and just had her preferred toy on the bed waiting for her partner to come over and afterwards they ordered a couple’s sex toy and have been using that and many others since. They both explained how their sex life is amazing and shopping for sex toys together on the Cupid’s Box website “is so hot…its like foreplay and gets us in the mood.”

So Ladies and gents without further ado, here 5 Incredible Sex Toys For Couples:

Nu Sensuelle Remote Control Mini Plug

The mini plug will send you into tail spinning frenzy even for those just entering the back door for the first time.  Using the remote you or your partner can indulge in some teasing and pleasing with up to 15 intoxicating vibrating, pulsating speeds sending you into an orgasmic utopia.  This well designed medical grade soft silicone is fully enclosed, with the only openings appearing at the under side of the base. USB Rechargeable remote control.

Fetish Fantasy Series Remote-Control Vibrating Panties

Do you want to keep a secret in public only you and your lover know about?  Well, this jackpot of a product is taking couples by storm and has become one of the most popular sex toys for couples. Imagine you’re across the room from each other at a party; across the table from each other at a dinner with friends; walking innocently in a crowded park on a warm Sunday afternoon.  Then all of the sudden you feel pulsations and flutters of 20 different speeds, between your legs pressed against your sweet spot.  Looking at your partner …eyes knowing s/he is holding the wireless remote control, you almost forget you’re wearing these sexy lace black panties with a breathable waistband that wont pinch or roll down as your body begins to tremble with pleasure all while holding it together in front of family, friends and strangers alike.  This Limited Edition Remote Control Vibrating Panties are sexy and have a The wireless remote control allows your partner to control the vibrations from the next

Fits waist sizes 24″ (61 cm) – 34″ (86 cm).

Optimal Silicone Vibrating C-Ring

This powerful Vibrating C-Ring made it to Cupid’s Top 5 list of sex toys for couples because its versatility to pleasure both him and her.  It features a textured, yet soft, stretchable silicone ring for easy use and a removable bullet in a comfortable sleeve for erotic stimulation.  The power button give you control of 10 unique speeds and functions and is also waterproof. Wear the ring on the shaft will enhance size and girth, prolong erections and ejaculations, and will perfectly targets clitoral stimulation.  The ring can also be worn or under the shaft or testicles for self-stimulation.

Sex And Mischief Collection Sweet Punishment Kit

Who’s been naughty and needs to learn a lesson?  Begin by whipping out the sexy furry cuffs that will restrain your partner just enough to show dominance over them to show whose boss. Then add an element of surprise with blindfold kicking all their senses into overdrive.  Next its time to grab the paddle because they have been a bad bad boy or a bad bad girl!  Just show them how bad they’ve been by a little teasing in between.

Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Ball Gag With Dong

Have you thought, dreamed or fantasized about BDSM? If so, Cupid suggests this Fetish Fantasy kit that is “Cocked, Locked, and Ready to Rock” and will take you beyond the sex toys for couples some beginners may start with in the bedroom. This top of the line Deluxe Ball Gag has a realistic black dong on one side of the leather mouthpiece and a ball on the other getting allowing your submissive to get up close and personal and do whatever you say.  The prurient anticipation of knowing your BDSM fantasy is moments away from reality when Its leather harness encircles your slave’s head.