3 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner Before You Buy A Sex Toy

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Partner Before You Buy A Sex Toy

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It may seem complicated to bring up the topic of introducing sex toys into the bedroom when you haven’t been that adventurous in your relationship. However, having an open dialogue with your partner will help with communication and intimacy too. Understanding their boundaries, their fantasies, and their likes and dislikes helps you decide which sex toy suits your needs.

There are three questions you should ask your partner before starting your search for sex toys online.

1. Ask Them If They’re Interested In Using Sex Toys

Introduce the idea of seeing how your partner feels about trying new things in the bedroom. The more open-minded you are to hearing how they feel, the better the conversation will go. Use it as a means to say that you enjoy being intimate, but would enjoy exploring more things sexually with them. Never just take out a toy without asking your partner how they feel about it, as they may feel pressured in the situation.

2. Ask Them What They’re Comfortable With

Having regular sex conversations will make it easier to bring up using sex toys. Talking about how to increase intimacy gives you the ability to better understand what your partner enjoys sexually. This also allows you both to decide which sex toys would work best for your desires.

3. Ask Them To Pick The Toy To Use

Make the hunt for sex toys something you do together. Searching online allows you to see a large variety of toys, such as vibrating cock rings available privately. Shipping is discreet too, so if your partner is shy about the experience, it will be completely confidential.

Also, allowing them to set the limits of how and when to use it will make the experience less nerve-racking. Most importantly, they always feel safe and comfortable while being intimate with you.

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