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Whether you want to hide your identity and feel sexy, masks can be a lot of fun in the bedroom. Sometimes they can even serve a purpose in deriving pleasure. For example, blindfolds are an excellent way to introduce sensory deprivation. By placing it over your lover's eyes, you essentially restrict their sight and keep them focused on their other senses instead. They can hear everything you're doing, but they won't be able to see exactly what it is that you're up to. This also makes them more aware of their body and everything touching them. A mere caress of your fingers, when they're blindfolded, could prove quite a pleasant shock to them.

In other cases, you can also use masks as a way to promote submissiveness in your partner. Bondage hoods and masks, for example, can restrict their sight sometimes, but otherwise, are meant to make them feel slightly more restricted. Some even force their mouths open.

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Finally, there are masks that are simply there to make their wearer feel sexy or mysterious. Lace masks, lace hoods, or even kitten masks are all great options for those who want to entice their lover. When hiding your identity is needed, they can also do well to keep your identity a mystery.

Whether you want to use a mask for a specific pleasurable purpose or simply to keep your identity unveiled, they are great additions to the bedroom. These products come in an array of colors and different materials. They're comfortable to wear and easy to use. You can even match some of them to specific sets of lingerie to truly complete the scene of seduction.