How to Use Blindfolds


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Take a moment and cover your eyes. Notice how you suddenly feel more aware of the sounds in the room, and of the feeling of your hands on your face? Now, imagine taking that state of mind into the bedroom — and that’s all you need to know about why blindfolds are an amazing addition to your sex toy collection.

…Well, not quite all you need to know. Read our quick guide to learn more about using blindfolds and how to give your partner an incredible experience with one.

Choose the right blindfold. Seductive silk? Strict leather? Blindfolds come in materials to suit every taste. The blindfold you or your partner chooses should feel sexy, feel comfortable and completely block out sight for maximum effect. Find a proper fit, too: it shouldn’t be too snug, and it shouldn’t be so loose that it slips around the wearer’s mouth or nose.

Take advantage of sensory deprivation. Take away one sense and the others get stronger. Being blindfolded especially heightens touch and taste, so you can create intensely sensual scenarios. You can start as simply as hand-feeding your partner fruit and chocolate on date night, and work your way up to drawn-out foreplay in which you tease your blindfolded partner with different sensations. Use just your body, or incorporate toys like feather ticklers, paddles and restraints.

Intensify your roleplay. Blindfolds are wonderful for roleplay scenarios. Just as your other senses intensify in the absence of sight, so does your imagination. Blindfolds are excellent for anyone new to roleplay, because they lower inhibitions and let the imagination take over. One of the most obvious roleplay ideas for a blindfold is a kidnapping fantasy, but you don’t have to stop there. Talk to your partner and see where your imagination takes you. (And, as always, agree on a safeword beforehand so either partner can opt out if things feel too uncomfortable, or if there’s a safety issue.)

No matter your particular kinks, learning how to use blindfolds will absolutely heighten your enjoyment of them. Find the blindfold that sparks your imagination on our site, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.